Roxanne Wilson: The Real Wonder Woman

Roxanne Wilson is the new guest presenter for The Jewellery Channel. She is branded as the girl-on-the-go because of her multi-faceted  talents. She is not your average woman because she can juggle her job as a TV host, radio personality, author, speaker, attorney, fitness guru and who-knows-what. She was a contestant of NBC’s The Apprentice Season Five. Donald Trump commended her for her wits and personality.

According to Donald Trump, Roxanne is very, very smart…brilliant…she is really something.’ Trump continued stating, ‘You’re a very good speaker… I would like to have you represent me in court. You are very impressive.’ She was the first African-American to compete in the final spot on The Apprentice. She is the author of the book ‘Footprints In The Boardroom’ which talks about her experiences at The Apprentice.

She became the prime time host of LCTV which is a home shopping network.  She also works as a famous radio personality where she talks about community activities and more. She is a speaker for different organizations. Roxanne loves to promote healthy living through regular exercise. She is a certified Jazzercise Instructor, and she teaches jazzercise to young professionals and teenagers for free. 

Roxanne is definitely a woman of essence.  She maintains a great balance in juggling a busy life. She may have reached the top, but she makes sure that she gives back to the society. Roxanne is the modern Wonder Woman.







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