Russian Diopside Jewellery – Forest-chromed Enigma

Here’s a trick to cast a spell on your admirers! Russian Diopside Jewellery is a seemingly recent addition to the trends and has taken the runway by storm! Riveting hues and ravishing clarity define the stone, known widely for its exotic and intense display. But, what is Russian Chrome Diopside? Only a few know. Let’s have a look!


What is Russian Diopside?

Russian Diopside Half-eternity Ring on TJC
14K Yellow Gold AAA Russian Diopside, Natural Cambodian Zircon Half Eternity Ring

Borrowing the lush element of the Earth, this is a stone that is known for its hypnotizing green colour. It is also popularly known as Chrome Diopside. Belonging to the pyroxene family of minerals, it is known to be one of the rarer varieties of diopsides. It is considered to be one of the newer stones, with being discovered as late as in 1988 in Siberia! But, ever since then, it has engaged uncountable people by its rare green and intense colour. The glowing rich colour of Russian Diopside Jewellery is raved about everywhere and it’s the ideal gem to be used, owing to its rank of 5-6 on Mohs Scale of Hardness.


Popular Russian Diopside Jewellery Designs

Jewellers all over the world cannot stop talking about the said gemstone! It has proven its worth as it glows embellished in jewellery ideas. The incandescent treat is a lush display for the eyes, which has made it incredibly popular. Below are some categories that have slain the trends:



Russian Diopside Ring on TJC
Russian Diopside, Natural Cambodian Zircon By-Pass Ring

Slipping on a ring is the easiest way to style and nothing does it better than this gem! Among the favourite Russian Diopside Jewellery ideas, the rings have a taken a lead. Their fabulous array of lush designs ranges from minimal and simple to extravagant and fancy. The radiant stone looks like you’re carrying the abundance of dense forests at your hand in the most picturesque fashion!

Here’s the link: Russian Diopside Rings on TJC



Russian Diopside Earrings on TJC
Russian Diopside Marquise Dangle Earrings

Among some incredibly popular Russian Diopside Jewellery designs are earrings. The extraordinary stone shimmers delightfully with the movement of the wearer. At TJC, we have some swoon-worthy designs that range from stud fixtures to cascading drop lengths. Take your pick!

Here’s the link: Russian Diopside Earrings on TJC


Pendants and Necklaces

Russian Diopside Pendant on TJC
Russian Diopside, Natural Cambodian Zircon Triple Flower with Infinity Pendant with Chain

Redefine elegance and grace with the colours in pendants and necklaces. Chrome diopside has proven to be a worthy pick, as it looks fabulous nestled at the base of your neck. The intense green glows in the Russian Diopside Jewellery, giving contrast to your skin tone and gem. Minimal pendants seem to be the top pick for everyday wear. However, if you’re looking to pair your classic style with a fashionable colour, then you must opt for the swathing richness of the necklace.

Here’s the link: Russian Diopside Pendants and Necklaces on TJC


Benefits of Wearing Russian Diopside Jewellery

The much sought-after stone has meaning in its name. “Di” means two and “opsis” is for vision. Taken from the Greek language, this stone together stands for dual vision, as it empowers creativity. It is a stone that is popular for its power enabling creativity and visualization. Most commonly, it is believed that this stone has the power of manifesting your goals, dreams, and desires.


Other benefits list that wearing Russian Diopside Jewellery can improve your analytical and mathematical abilities. Healers believe that it is the perfect stone to use for cleansing and can rid you of the negativity. They also maintain that it protects you from the evil eye.


The incredible stone has maintained to be a top fixture and the fancy of many across the globe! Designers and well as fashion leaders have been seen flaunting its lush opulence. Wear this latest trendsetter in the setting of fabulous designs and slay the trends!

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