Scents of Summer

This summer revive your perfume collection with fresh scents made with the sophisticated lady in mind.

Here at TJC, we know the importance of finding a scent you instantly fall in love with, it’s something every girl… and male should experience!

Which is why we’ve got a fabulous perfume collection for you to dig into, so check out our collection and sniff out your favourite scent that will have you smelling great all year round!

Vanilla Fields. If you love classic homely scents, then Vanilla Fields is a perfect choice. This fragrance is refreshingly simple fragrance that beautifully blends vanilla, jasmine, violet and bergamot.

This perfume gives hints of the orient while giving a slightly unique, elegant yet attention grabbing aroma  which is very long lasting, letting you smell fresh all day long!

Be an Enigma. Enigma by Alexandra De Markoff is a beautifully modern niche fragrance for women with a woody oriental scent. From the bottle with a cap that reflects light to the outer box and the spectacular fragranec, evrything about this potential purchase screams mystery and enigma. Indulge in a perfume that looks and smells expensive and distinctive.

Smelling of a dazzling blend of florals and enticing spices, this perfume is for the modern day woman who is classic at heart.

Smell out of the world. First launched in 1970, Moon Drops is a rich a floral classic fragrance. Consisting of floral notes such as rose, carnation and ylang-ylang as well as ripe fruits, this perfume is for a woman who enjoys the finer things in life who like to smell ouot of this world!

Lutece. Originally launched in 1984 this throwback has made a return to our vanity tables. Created  with the sophisticated, fashion-forward woman in mind, this scent is romantic, seductive and imaginative, so it’s no suprise it’s smell is inspired by the French city of love, Paris.

Which scent will you be inviting on to your dresser? 


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