The secret of layering and stacking bracelets

Want to test up your stacking skills? Now easily slip on multiple bracelets and create your signature look in seconds! There is no perfect recipe of stacking bracelets but just a few notes to understand to make it more fun and experimental. Continue to read and stack:

Stacking multiple wrist accessories is an art! When done right, it can bring various options for you, rearranged and swapped according to your taste. The best part about stacking bracelets is the variety of looks you can create and how easily you can seek the type of look you want from these tiny and sleek jewellery pieces. For this little adventure, start from collecting various bracelets, in different sizes and styles. They can range in size, colour, theme and design, but the more options you will have, the better combinations you will be able to make. So read the full article and match the pieces well like a pro, be it a subtle or minimal look or the bold and classic!

Find Your Focal Point:

Bracelets know the way to accentuate your style and be with you from day to night! When it comes to stacking bracelets, a fine stack always starts from picking up a focal point. The focal point can be your centre of attraction or main lead. It can be picked according to the colour of your outfit or the favourite one from your collection.

Stacking bracelets with TJC

Here are some suggestions for your perfect focal point to help you in stacking bracelets:

  • Watch: Let’s start from the handy accessory of all time. Almost all of us carry a wristwatch, so it can be the safest choice to pick as a focal. A watch with bracelet style straps and melange of colours can be like the icing on top to add in your bracelet stack.
  • Leather Bracelets: Looking for something bold? The chunky leather bracelets are lately high in demand! They are sleek and ideally available in various colour options and designs. From plain leather strap to the braided forms, the leather finish makes them look classic and raw. Often loved, these can also serve as the men’s bracelet.
  • Link Bracelet: Adding a metallic touch to your focal point is not just classic but is also very opulent! If you wish to go for metal or charm bracelets, the chain bracelet in the main attention will always work just fine! It is advised to go for a little bold link bracelet if you wish to use them as the focal point of your stacking story.
  • Beaded Bracelets: Laced with multiple beads all over the length, the beaded bracelets range from metal to the gorgeous gemstones. They can add the colour and charm to your pretty formation and bring a lot of attention to your lovely wrist.
  • Charm Bracelets: Also loved for their personalised touch, the charm bracelets can signify your taste in jewellery. They are customised according to your taste and are very gingerly adorned with tiny little charms suspended around the form. Available with various designs, they can also depict the special events and memories for you.
  • Tennis Bracelets: Also known as the eternity bracelets, the tennis bracelets are best known for their relaxed and comfortable fit size. They are neither too tight nor lose, offering a decent length. The entire length of such a bracelet is decked with gorgeous gemstones or diamonds, set in clean and neat settling.

You can pick any of the following to serve as your anchor piece and design the desirable stack around it.

Combine Accents:

Once the focal point is decided, let’s move on towards adding accents to your stack. The accents can be of your choice; and these bracelets are not necessarily required to match with the main bracelet or accessory. As observed, the stack always looks appealing when it incorporates various flavours in the recipe! So, feel free to add colours and different designs in this step of stacking bracelets and creating your dream design.

Mix Match: 

Let’s keep the rules aside for a minute, and stack what feels good to pair with your chosen accessories so far. Pick different textures, materials, designs and put them all together and see what looks soothing to your eye and taste. While selecting, make sure to consider what you are looking for, is it a simple stack or an eye-catchy collection?

Include Different Sizes: 

Love your friend’s bracelet but is it too lose? Here is the opportunity to wear all your favourite chunky bracelets that are a size larger and fit loose! The best part about stacking bracelets is how easily you can incorporate more oversized bangles or bracelets in between and avoid them to slip off. Make sure to wear the loose ones in the centre to prevent them stumble and fall. Just pair some bracelet to the front, that is true to size, and you are good to go!

The fusion of Colours: 

Never let the colours scare you! The colours will add a beautiful dimension to your stack and bring visual beauty to it. Following one colour or similar family can often go well with your outfit or mood and keep your style on point. Before playing with different colours, always consider the following factors while stacking bracelets:

  • Outfit: Plan the attire of the day and then play with the matching or contrasting colours accordingly. This well let you decide your look and help in better selection.
  • Occasion: Take a moment and think what is the event? Is it a fancy dinner or a casual outing? This will aid in finding the best solution according to the occurrence and help you in blending in.
  • Mood wheel: How are you feeling today? Want to go bold or basic? Take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Pick the colours according to your mood; they will not just highlight your choice but will make you feel good about the selection and day!


Bracelets from TJC: 

Show the features look:

It is okay if you don’t get the look you want in the first attempt. Keep experiment and fidgeting around the bracelets or even bangles if that makes you feel good. You can also replicate an online look and try to make one inspired by any celebrity style or fashion experts. The art of stacking bracelets is full of joy and ideas, and it is a never-ending journey of inspirations and looks. Keep creating and Stack ’em up the way you want!


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