Secret Santa Gift Ideas – Most Thoughtful & Stress-Free

Own the super cool secret gifting game by these awe-inspiring trinkets

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition. It holds back its roots from the Scandinavian tradition of knocking at someone’s door, throwing a Christmas present and then sneak away. However, today the idea unfolded into a fun activity from office conference rooms to holiday house parties, for friends, family and co-workers.

Christmas is a harbinger of joyous rides and sparkling lights around and Secret Santa raises the charm of this mega festival tenfold.

But finding Christmas gifts is another mystery where you need to scratch your head. Don’t fret, as our suggested list of Christmas pressies is a sure win.

For the Family

This comes as an easy shot. You have a glimpse of your family or extended family’s interests and choices. Try getting a gift that strikes their chord as soon as they unwrap it. How about a glistening and pocket-friendly snowflake pendant for the ladies around? Or if not that, bewitching pearl jewellery would bring the pristine beauty to her life.

For your Significant other

Well, no points for guessing on this? The way you want to impress your lady or man is a grinding task, but if we say nothing fits better than enticing jewellery? Take it from us, but you can floor your girl with a ravishing Ruby ring or an Emerald ring. Yes, Christmassy feels. Not just that, you can surprise her with a Tanzanite ring or a dazzling pendant (December birthstone and succumbing to the winter chills). Definitely, you will let her prance with these thoughtful and forever gifts, and without burning a hole in your pocket.

For the Friends

Playing Secret Santa at a friend’s house party? Better get yourself all jazzed up with a pressie. But what should that be? As you have no clue whom your gift is going to surprise, keep your gift choices open in such cases. Opt for something from home decor or a unisex fragrance for that matter.

For the co-workers

This comes with its own set of notions. Your equation with your co-workers also differs. From your close knitted gossip groups to one on one formal meets, your co-workers surfaces your work life. But as the game is, you remain ambiguous about the person and so the gift choices itself zeroes down to being very generic. Do not keep your gifts gender specific and lowdown. Of course, you don’t want to splurge your pounds on and yet make up for a gift that let other grins in awe and not like a Cheshire cat.

Homely house accents under £5 or £10 serve the ideal bet and one do not have to land with double thoughts before picking one. Of course, the more Christmas accents proportionate to more Christmas cheer.

For the Men

Yes, you’ve pretty much done all the Christmas shopping but still couldn’t decide over the gifts for the men in your life. From your dad to your brother to your partner or uncles and who not? Gift for him is a back-breaking task. But you can narrow down the choices from a stylish watch to a fragrance or a fashion accessory that he will thank you for.

So, play around and pray for a white Christmas as rest, we have got you covered. Let the flurry of snow make the Christmas even more magical and hope that Secret Santa hears your wish list.


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