Selling jewellery is fun, buying jewellery is fun and sometimes the line between gets blurred…

Hi, I’m Gary – I’m one of the producers for TJC Choice as well as a Daddy to my two gorgeous daughters.

I really enjoy fatherhood, it’s definitely the most rewarding job I’ve ever done and so recently, at the prompting of some other dad friends, I’ve started writing a blog about my journey – find it at

The problem I have with writing my blog, is that while I seem to have lots of stories when I’m with other parents in ‘share mode’ I can struggle to remember what to write about… but there’s one tidbit of information that TJC can’t let me forget… I have a growing treasure trove waiting for my daughters when they grow up.

Unlike an insurance policy, ISA or similar financial product I will decide the day, time and place that this fact will be revealed to the girls. It won’t be for some time yet as my eldest is only 4 and youngest is 7 months old.

The great thing about buying these jewellery pieces is, because I am buying them now, usually when there’s a special deal on, I know that the item I’ve chosen will probably gain value, this isn’t the reason I buy however- but it is nice to know that in say, fifteen years’ time when the existence of this jewellery becomes revealed I know that it should be a really special experience.

Each piece is in a box, with a note describing the stones and the metal (mostly 9k gold) and all with tags to prove that they are all new and unworn. The gift boxes at TJC, even the basic ones with the purple ribbon are great quality and really make the jewellery seem special while it waits to be opened.

My most recent purchase was 2 pairs of Turkizite earrings in 9k gold which we had on TJC Choice, presented by Caroline Lyndsay and guest, Tony Diniz. I was sat watching the ‘output’ while letting them know who was holding and how low the systems would let me take them and all the while I was looking at them, feeling the pride of Tony (who provided the gems) and enthusiasm of Caroline and I found myself calling Maggie in the VIP call center and asking if there was 2 left at the end of my shift if I could have them… obviously she obliged and they are now sat waiting patiently for my children to grow.

Why should I do this when there will be plenty to buy when they are older? What if their taste isn’t what I’ve bought? Why not buy them like bonds instead? Why wait all that time?

Well the answer is simple, I hope there is a day when I can sit themdown and describe each stone/ piece as I see it, and let them know, that while I was away from home working, I was always thinking about their little faces and missing them. 

Sometimes an item of high value has to be shown a few times beforethe right person sees it and sometimes a new item hits the screens and is gone before the rest of our customers know it was even there… but I’d like a few items to end up with people who have been given them by someone who’s seen how special they are and wanted to give them to someone equally special.

I’m not sure I’ve bought enough pieces just yet, because I’m not sure we’ve finished having children. I have Tanzanite, Turkizite, Welo Opal, Baltic Amber, Jade, Amethyst, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Burmese Ruby so far but I’d like to top it up with some Colombian Emeralds and Sapphires when the right deal comes along!

And yes, I buy for my wife as well- although I don’t make her wait quite so long to receive the gifts!

If you’d like to see the gemstones we are selling on any given day you can head to

TJC Choice between 2pm and 6pm daily. But please remember… you may have competition from me…

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