Seven Colours of Swarovski Crystals

Go wherever the summer takes you and create your own rainbow with Swarovski crystals. We are talking about sun-soaked streets and hot summers when we need less, less of jewellery and lighter fabrics! Read along to create your own rainbow this summer:

Pioneer in the world of crystals, the Swarovski jewellery is no less than a wonder. Introduced as a flickering gem, each crystal has a story to tell, a shade to reflect and timeless sheen to represent you. Modern and minimalistic, the Swarovski crystals are sublime and subtle for every mood. With a colossal area of assortment, each colour can grace your taste in jewellery and can turn out as a treasure in your accessories collection. Let us taste the sparkle of these rainbow crystals more:

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How many of you let the colour and shade rule your decision-making? If not, this summer let this mantra guide you through the world of prisms and rainbows. Jewellery for mood is not something very new. The concept has really fascinated people of all times and hence is a fabulous option to pick if you feel your jewellery is much more than just some accessory. Since the summertime is all about having a synergy between the natural look and refined taste of fashion and lifestyle, the colour choice can indeed be a great way to build a bridge between this connection. Climb up the rainbow with similar bright shades, and we will help you decode the language of colours and how they are related to your mood:


Violet: Violet is said to be the colour of imagination and spirituality, it can stimulate ideas and hence is often said to suit the creative minds and artists. If you are looking for a meaningful colour, then violet is your call. It is deep and ideal for critical thinkers.

Indigo: A combination of blue and violet, the indigo is deep midnight blue shade. The shade is dominant and believed to justify people with great wisdom. The colour can also grace those with mystical taste, and this is one of the reasons why indigo coloured gemstones are often used for spiritual attainment, self-awareness, and enhancement of Intuitions.

Blue: Fifth colour in the rainbow, blue is the colour of water and limitless sky. It is perfect for people with flexibility and spirituality. It is the colour associated with depth and sincerity. If you exude confidence and seek intelligence, this option can be your fit.

Green: This middle colour in the rainbow is a sign of life. It is said to display the idea of rebirth, nourishment, harmony and balance. For people with composed thoughts and best interests in growth, this gorgeous green coloured Swarovski crystal can be the best choice.

Yellow: Colour of sun and the shine, this vibrant and warm colour is for people seeking warmth and glow in their life. It is said to radiate with energy and hence can add a positive insight into one’s life.

Orange: Featuring a melange of yellow and red, this colour is playful in nature. It is ideal for showcasing your creative side as well as equilibrium or control. The colour is bright and warm again to fill in more warmth in your collection.

Red: First, from the top, the red shade is vibrant and bold. The colour of love is full of passion and is said to be a perfect match for people with big heart and enthusiasm. It is also believed to be a sign of adventure and therefore is an excellent option for all the seekers and adventure lovers.

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Wear less and exude more, with summers here we have a good time in hands to try and test different jewellery types. If you are fond of rings or stacking bracelets, figure out your interest and explore the dedicated range graced with the beauty of Swarovski crystals. From your neckline to wrist and earlobes, a little love of Swarovski jewellery is perfect for making the best out of this hot time of the year. They are minimal and can be incorporated with different styles.

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Now that we have discussed mood, colours, and rainbows, it is time to create your spectrum using the seamless Swarovski crystals. By now, we believe that the colours speak all languages, so why not try some and unearth this secret before the summers are gone?

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