Shop a new look for your home and yourself with TJC’s Online Auction

Do you have a long shopping list but can’t tick off the items? Or you feel buying online isn’t exciting anymore? At TJC our prime focus has always been affordability. Whether you are a new customer or have benefited from our online auctions before, our surprisingly low prices are going to thrill you when you become a bidder at our £1 auction. This time we have brought you a wide variety of products you need on an everyday basis which you will not find anywhere else at the prices we will be offering. To make our online Auction accessible to everyone, participation is made free!


Curious to know what is stored in TJC’s vault? Here is everything you can find in our Online Auction –

Wear the latest trends – Drooling over the on-trend outfits your beloved celebrities are flaunting these days? You no longer have to wear old jeans and baggy tops that have gone out of fashion anymore. Just tap into our online Auction where you will be spoiled for choice with clothing options and accessories you always wanted to own. From stunning scarves, head-turning poncho to elegant kimono, a great diversity makes it possible to find a desirable attire for people of every shape and size in our fashion auction.

Love your home? So do we– Your home sweet home is your ultimate refuge. You want it to look the way you have planned, isn’t it? In our home and garden auction, we have got everything covered for you from the decorative artefacts you need to add character to your sitting space to bedding pieces that not only provide extra comfort but beautify your bedroom. The delicate and luxe carpet will greet your feet with warmth while our cosy blankets and quilts will make winters a cakewalk for you. Want to add some newness to your bedding? Our bed covering will be the right choice. For days you want to fill your room with mystical vibes or add some romantic lightening, we have plenty of stunning lights that might even fascinate your kids.

Add bling to your attire – You can’t deny the fact that beautiful jewellery can instantly bring happiness to a woman’s heart. Whether you are trying to win her heart or need to buy a few statement-makers for yourself, our online Auction is definitely the right place. Here you are flooded by an array of dazzling beauties made from one of the most luxurious metals and studded in striking gemstones. For decorating your hands, we have glamorous rings carved with eye-pleasing motifs. These rings are created in unique shapes with meaningful symbols integrated into them. Timeless halos, classic solitaire and mesmerizing cocktail rings are waiting for you to bid. Earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces too in different styles will entice you once you start scrolling our jewellery auction.

Still, having second thoughts? Want to know what you might miss if you don’t participate in our online Auction? Every participant can bid for a price as low as £1. You not only buy a product on winning but get free delivery on orders over £65. That’s not all, every day we bring you 25,00+Aunctions, so you never get bored.

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