My skincare routine with Doctors Formula

Here at TJC, we have been working alongside the fantastic cosmeceutical company Doctors Formula to bring you a high-end range of products for your skincare routine. I’m allergic to so many beauty brands, even some of the top ones, so I was very keen to try this beauty line a couple of years ago and am still using it now.

The brand offers the Marine Collagen-based formula that uses soluble collagen amino acids to hydrate, nourish and moisturise the skin.

So how does it work when it’s virtually impossible to get collagen into the skin when the molecules are too big?

Well, it’s the amino acids in the products that penetrate through the different layers of the skin. They have combined these with complex marine extracts which together aim to hydrate the skin and boost the skin’s barrier.

Understanding the skin:

Diane, who is a regular guest on TJC, likens the skin to a structure of scaffolding! After 20 years of age, the structure starts to fall apart, maybe starting at the eye area with fine lines and then deeper crevices appearing at the sides of the face and jaw. So, we then need the scaffolding to pick the skin back up and restore its structure.Throughout this range of skincare products, there are different marine extracts, mineral complexes and coconut oils used, which work together to prevent water loss and improve the suppleness of the skin.

Understand the Doctors Formula:

Something that I’ve noticed is that they are readily absorbed into the skin, and the texture and density of the skin start to change. Not only is there a visible difference that you will see due to this ultimate skincare routine, but you can feel it working delectably too.

Shop Doctors Formula: Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser:

Doctors Formula at TJC

We carry a whole range for your skincare routine but some particular favourites of mine, are as follows:I like to start my day with the Day Moisturiser, which is lighter than the night one so you can apply makeup on top of it after cleansing your skin. It’s specially formulated to protect the skin from environmental stresses, like UVB rays which are one of the main causes of premature ageing. It also contains vitamin E to boost the skin’s firmness, plumpness and hydration.

Shop Doctors Formula Instant Eye Hydration Repair Treatment:

To use in conjunction with your moisturiser is the Instant Eye Hydration Treatment.  It’s not just me that’s a fan of this either, but my other half has seen great results when he has used it too! It is a blend of the same marine collagen but this time with mineral-rich marine water, thus boosting the hydration under the eye area. This will aim to redefine the look of the skin. Apply it with your ring fingers and don’t use too much, there’s no need to flood the area which is a common mistake. Tap it gently on areas around the eye where you can feel bone, i.e. brow and socket. The natural traction will transport the cream to where it is needed.

Shop Doctors Formula Anti Ageing Restoring Night Moisturiser:

Skincare at TJC

If you find that you love the Day Moisturiser then don’t forget that we stock an Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser too which I love to use after my serum. The Marine collagen amino acids in this work to hydrate and prevent water loss, the soluble collagen balances, nourishes and moisturises. Finally, the lovely coconut oil in this product is high in antioxidants and fatty acids that restore and protect the skin. So, an awful lot is going on while you catch up on your beauty sleep!

Don’t forget to let us know how Doctor’s Formula has worked for you and became a part of your skincare routine because we’d love to pass on your reviews to our new TJC viewers. Have a happy skin!

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