Why Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?

You may be wondering what Sleeping Beauty Turquoise actually is and why we love it so much here at TJC… well let us just say it’s a beautiful and rare gemstone you definitely should be lusting after!

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine in Globe, Arizona once produced the most  beautiful vivid and bright blue coloured turquoise gemstone, however, this high quality stone is no longer mined there, making it very sought after. The Sleeping Beauty mine was one of the largest producers of natural Turquoise in the world and mined the most impeccable stones to the highest quality, unparalleled to similar stones found elsewhere.

Why is the mine called Sleeping Beauty?

The mountain was named long before it was ever mined, but once the mine opened it adopted the iconic name –Sleeping Beauty. When seen from afar the mountain resembles a lady lying on her back is restful peaceful slumber – well, with a little imagination it does! Originally mined for Copper and Gold, the Sleeping Beauty mine was found to contain some of the world’s most desirable turquoise.

What so special about Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?

Sleeping beauty stones are unique in colour which can range from chalky-blue to sky-blue to deep-blue turquoise – Truly showing off how unique and versatile each stone really is.

The Turquoise has been compared to the remarkable blue hue of a robin’s egg – The stone is also famous for its flawless features as it contains no veining  (black/grey streaks) ruining the bright colour which further proves Sleeping Beauty’s high quality and preciousness.

Why are TJC offering you sleeping Beauty Turquoise if it is so rare?

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise quality is unmatched. TJC secured rough stones before the mine closed down to the public and because of this TJC can offer you these rare and desirable stones desired all over the world at such a great price.

Why should I buy the Turquoise stone?

You should buy it because you love it – As said before the stone is in high demand which means that it is a very valuable and precious stone with huge and wanting market. This pure stone is a great investment which can be passed down from generation to generation as it’s a stone that can stand the tests of time.

Tune in to Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Amit on Tuesday 21st April and uncover the world’s most wanted Turquoise.

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