Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

The Sleepy Beauty Turquoise mine in Globe Arizona produces a beautiful vivid and bright blue coloured turquoise gemstone that mirrors the colour of the sky. The mine is called Sleeping Beauty because when seen from afar the mountain resembles a lady lying on her back is restful peaceful slumber – with a little imagination it does.

Originally the mined for copper and gold, the Sleeping Beauty mine was found to contain some of the world’s most beautiful and desirable turquoise.

Manageable Mining: The mine itself is closed to the public and is now fully operational after being reopened in the 60’s. Mining turquoise is a relatively easy process but its time consuming and hard work. A beautifully designed piece of turquoise jewellery starts its life deep in the ground. Once removed from the earth, ‘pickers’ sift and sort through the rock and pick out the sky blue stone. Now it’s the turn of the ‘chippers’, whose job is to chip away the pieces of rock from the gemstone itself. Then it’s onto the sorters where the turquoise is sorted by shape, colour and quality. The gemstones are shipped all over the world and of course to us at TJC so that we can make up beautiful jewellery you’re sure to love.

Sleeping Beauty TurquoiseAlways on-trend: Turquoise never seems to be out of fashion. Every season it pops up with its knobbled imperfections giving it a quirky quality and making each piece unique. Make sure you browse our Sleepy Beauty Turquoise collection online.

Celebrity Styling: The stars seem to love turquoise too. They’re experts at taking it from casual to red carpet ready. Wear a string of turquoise beads over your white T with your jeans or ramp it up and team up your LDB with a pair of turquoise earrings.

Whatever your choice, we suggest you snap up some turquoise jewellery in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and be totally on-trend.

Love TJC xx

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      Apologies… this blog post is quite old and we no longer have the piece of jewellery featured. Stay tuned for our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise event on Tuesday 21st April!

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