Soft summer style: Pastel jewellery that’s perfect for the season

Pastel colours have been a big part of fashion this year, featuring throughout winter, spring and now summer. They are also set to remain on the scene as we head into AW15, offering a softer touch than the typical deep colours that take over the high street and catwalk in autumn.

With pastels remaining a popular choice for all seasons, it could be a good idea to add some jewellery that fits with the style to your collection. This will mean that you are always on-trend and that you have a nice bit of bling to add some sparkle to your ensemble.

So what pastel colour is right for you?


This is one of the most widely-used pastel colours. You may think that it is a bit too feminine to be fashionable, but the shade is a strong choice and tends to work with most skin tones.

You can either wear it with other pastel tones for a complete ice cream look, or team it with black or grey for an edgier style that is ideal for a night on the town.

Of course, you can also wear it in small amounts with formal or office wear to add another element to your ensemble, which will ensure your look has character.

However you want to rock pastel pink, your jewellery can really help. Our Pink Crackled Quartz Pendant with Rose Gold Overlay Chain is a lovely choice if you want to add a touch of pastel pink to your outfit.

The pink quartz of the pendant is quite strong, so it will make a statement even though it is small. The use of rose gold works really well to help accentuate the colour of the quartz in a subtle way.

If you want to go for something a bit softer that has just a hint of pink, this Pearl Shimmer Drusy Quartz Bracelet in Sterling Silver could be ideal.


Blue is another classic pastel colour, but one that gives a cooler vibe to pink, which is a warmer tone. This is a lovely choice if you have fair skin, as your colouring will really set off the tone of the blue when worn in jewellery.

You can wear blue jewellery with gold or silver embellishments, depending on the look you are going for. Silver will help to emphasise the cool shade, while gold will create an effective contrast.

We love this stunning Blue Crackled Quartz and White Topaz Ring in Platinum Overlay at the moment and think it is the ideal choice for those who want stylish pastel jewellery.

The square cut of the quartz is classic and yet gives a modern feel, while the white topaz adds a touch of sparkle that offsets the piece perfectly.

If you’d rather go for gold with your pastel blue, this Blue Crackled Quartz Solitaire Ring in 14K Gold Overlay is also a lovely choice and is sure to make a statement.


Another winning cool tone that we think is perfect for pulling off this trend is green. Soft mint greens are really pretty and stand out even when they are quite pale, making them a lovely option if you want to be bold but only wear pastels in small doses.

Just as with blue, you can wear this shade with silver or gold to create totally different looks, depending on your preference. It also looks lovely with other pastel colours or neutral tones, making it a versatile choice.

Right now we are loving these Green Crackled Quartz Stud Earrings in Platinum Overlay. The simple shape is stunning and effective, while the small size means they are ideal for both day and night.

If dangling earrings are more your cup of tea, you can create a similar style with these absolutely beautiful Green Crackled Quartz Lever Back Earrings in Platinum Overlay.

How are you going to wear pastels this season?

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