Spring Ready Skin in Minutes

A new season calls for a new skin care regime. After harsh winter weather, our skin is in dire need of some instant spring overhaul. It’s not only about welcoming florals in closet, light and dewy makeup or pastel nail colours but also how you take it forward with spring skin care. There is no better start now than never to prep skin for the impending harsh and humid weather with soaring temps and stickiness.

So get a hold of this space for some vernal skin care tips that freaks out almost all of you:

Scrubbing Sessions

Winter was ruthless with snow, sludge and cold winds blowing away almost everything your skin boasts of. Agony, we can hear! But the season-long build of dead skin cells on the skin shall go on demise now. And what better than some scrubbing on the face to ward off the uninviting elements on the skin. Follow it up with a moisturising mask. Perform it thrice a week and get loaded with smooth and glowing skin.

Cleansing and Exfoliating

The change in weather takes your skin to a whole new turn of events. Exfoliating your skin mildly eradicates the leftover dry and weary skin for a whole new room for rejuvenation. It is recommended to opt for more enriched lighter exfoliants based products like brown sugar than heavy walnut or apricot ones. A mild exfoliation can be continued daily or thrice a week. Ideally, cleansing should be done twice a day, morning and evening. Ensure a light cleanser that wears the hats of taking out the grime and sweat from your pores pretty well.

Lighten up

All the winter you have been channelising with fur coats, long boots and way lots of heavy makeup and serums on your visage. It’s time to bid adieu all of that. Come spring and the dewy and fresh formulas works immaculately. Swap heavy formulas for lighter lotions and serums. Often try to cover up with BB or CC creams than dollops of heavy foundation.


Go baby go. This is the motto for spring skin care  to rebuild the lost moisture and replenish at the same time for some warmer weather. Here look for products that supply twin benefits. Lock in the moisture as well act as the skin protectant. That said moisturisers packed with Vitamin E and sunflower oil play the role of emollients trapping moisture beneath. Products rich in alpha and beta hydroxyl acids replenish the dry skin. Don’t miss the ingredients! Use an Eye cream before bed to never let your under eye area go unnoticed.


Here to the most important part of every beauty regime and no matter what, we always fail in adhering to this particular step. Yes, SPF ladies! To witness the sun in all its glory, slathering up on sun protection is imperative. Albeit, the weather is going to be warmer but even a mild sun imparts its disastrous effect on the skin the same way. So religiously practice applying sunscreen in the morning skin care regime and reapply before heading for an outdoor activity.

In a nutshell, here to a dewy and glowing skin, your skin is what you eat. Eat good, feel god, and care well.


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