Spring Wedding Ideas

It’s the best time of the year, finally! The snow has melted away and we’re seeing beautifully blossoming flowers everywhere. There’s slight breeze drifting by and the world is looking more beautiful with every passing moment. There’s truly no time better than now to pop the question! And if you’re planning a wedding, the best time to do it is now! Here are mentioned some helpful Spring wedding ideas that’ll make your big day memorably fond. From dresses to décor, we’ve got everything sorted. Read to know!


Spring Wedding Dress

Image credits: The Yorkshire Dales Flower Company
Image credits: The Yorkshire Dales Flower Company

There’s nothing more important than the wedding dress of the bride! So, your first step of action should be picking out the perfect wedding gown that not only reigns the trends but also suits your dreams! Off-shoulder gowns are the perfect styles for a Spring wedding so you can choose to look in that selection. To match with the beauty of flowers, you may opt for a veil with floral lacework. You might select the details of dress to match with your engagement ring or wedding band, too.


Spring Wedding Jewellery


Now it comes to the main goods! Picking out your jewellery is perhaps as important as picking out the wedding dress itself. It has to be sophisticated, elegant, and yet representative of your personality. If you’re looking for a themed spring wedding, then our Jardin Collection of jewellery is something you definitely need to look into. Other ideas are floral rings and floral necklaces.


Spring Wedding Venue

Image Credits: Wedding Ideas
Image Credits: Wedding Ideas

A beautiful Spring wedding is memorable because of the venue, so you have to be careful picking it out. We’d suggest outdoors, seeing how lovely and warm it is outside, with the cool drafts and breeze. Have a beautiful marquee set up, decorate it with opulent flowers, and enjoy outdoors! You could look into the ideas of a beach wedding, a garden wedding, or if you’re looking for a small and closed event, then you might as well plan it in your backyard!


Spring Wedding Décor

Image Credit: Entripy
Image Credit: Entripy

Now that you’ve decided on the venue, you need to get thinking about the décor. Because it’s Spring, we’d suggest something rustic yet contemporary. If you’re keeping it small, cosy, and minimal, you can decorate it yourself! Set up a few tables and decorate them with stunning centrepieces. If it’s a day wedding, you can look at the selection of candles and if it’s a night wedding, then pick a few lamps that give a picturesque illumination.  You may opt for a garden wedding, where you can spread colourful rugs and cushions instead of tables for a more comfortable and laid-back style.


Spring Wedding Favours


And finally, you need to think about what everyone takes from the wedding! Because it is a Spring wedding, it has to be something that sticks with the theme. There are lots and lots of ideas to explore. Incense is a great idea that makes Spring more fragrant. Other options are a potpourri, succulents, organic soap bars from Bath and Body, or even colourful scarves! It just has to be something colourful and different from what is usually expected.

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