Stack Rings Like A Pro

It’s all stacking up here at TJC! Our beloved stacking trend is one that’s definitely here to stay. Indulge in the wealth of beautiful gemstones and precious metals combined with fabulous designs this season, not just with bracelets but now also with rings. Stack to your hearts content with our step by step guide…

Jazz Hands

Beautify your hands with some of this season’s key ingredients: confidence and of course rings! Have an unapologetically iconic look this season and add some dimension to your hands with different metals, textures and widths. Jazz up your hands and express your individuality with knuckle rings. Remember the more rings the better, especially when you play around with shapes and numbers on different fingers. My favourite fingers to stack rings on are my index finger and ring finger – find out what works for you!

Mixing Metals

Personally, I was taught when wearing rings to keep different metals on separate hands, giving each hand a cohesive colour to work around. When learning how to stack, throw this rule out the window, as it’s all about showing your creativity! Experiment with every metal; shiny, polished and distressed, along with chunkier and thin bands while also incorporating different size and colour gemstones. Make your fingers scream sexy and add some va va voom with tone and texture paired with flat stones and bulbous gems.

Stack what your mama gave ya!

Ok so I know it’s a tad bit presumptuous to think your mum gifted you all your jewellery, but you catch my drift! Re-ignite the love you had with some of your older rings in your collection and give them a second life as you learn to stack. You don’t need to spend a whole heap of money to interpret trends, they are meant to be accessible to everyone so work with what you already have. If you do want to treat yourselves to new rings, TJC have got everything you need! Ring stacking is a great way to bring new life to your already existing ring collection. If you love how it looks, roll with it, experimentation is key. If you have large gemstones and statement rings it’s ideal to let them stand alone, however push boundaries with thin banded rings so the feature gemstones can overlap and stagger the stones so they are not uniformed. This will truly capture the essence of ring stacking.

Keep calm and be confident

It’s all about trial and error so keep on stacking until you find the perfect finger stacks. If you’re struggling with inspiration take a style leaf from beauty bloggers and YouTubers. You can even get inspiration from your friends until you get a hang of how you want to interpret the stacking style. You could start by adding one ring every day or jump in at the deep end and generously layer, however you decide to stack just feel comfortable and confident.

Complete your look and over indulge with a pretty manicure, I mean you can’t glam up your hands and have terrible nails. Become a professional bracelet stacker too with our guide: ‘Bracelet stacking 101’.

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