Stacking Rings – Trendy and Super Cool!

You can utilise rings you already have put them on all together and “hey presto” you have stacking rings! Pick out of buy a few simple rings; band rings tend to work best for stacking, more comfortable really; then choose a finger and “Start to Stack”!

You can stick to a theme, all one kind of metal or sone for example, or just go a bit crazy and mix it all up. The best thing about Stacking Rings, is that from one day to the next you can have a different look.

Have a look at a few creations I have put together for you! Choose an entire collection or pick out a few that will work with the rings you already have.

For my first collection, I have gone with a rather extravagant collection (well why not)… I choose 4 diamond eternity rings and have changed it up a little by mixing yellow and white gold. I love the look. 1) GSI Certified 9 carat white gold diamond ring; 2) 11 great diamonds set in 9 carat yellow gold; 3) A lovely ring with a mixture of round and baguette cut diamonds set in 9 carat white gold; 4) Finally I finished the stack off with another 9 carat yellow gold ring, this little beauty is set with 28 baguette cut GSI certified diamonds (I3 / G-H).

 Now here is a great bargain for you. 5) A trilogy rings, Black Sapphire, White Topaz, and Iolite Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver for only £19.99.

Next another great set of rings, and WOW, this time you get 6) 4 rings for £50.99. 7 round cut African Rubies; 7 round cut Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphires; 7 round cut Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphires and last but certainly not least 7 round cut Kagem Zambian Emeralds.

And for my last stacking collection I decided on beautiful rosy rubies, also I decided to mix golds again for a edgy look. 7) 7 lovely Burmese rubies set in 9 carat gold and 8) 10 Burmese rubies set in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver.

So get on trend and spruce up your ring wardrobe and get “stacking”…






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