Start Early Christmas Shopping: It’s less than 100 days until Christmas!

We do not want you to panic, but it is less than hundred days till Xmas! There must be so many things to do- decking the walls, planning the Christmas traditions, picking the perfect gifts and tree, stuffing the stockings and what not! Let us take a moment and think where did this year go? It is time to check the tasks off your list and start with early Christmas shopping with TJC. Without any delay, let us read this article further to avoid last-minute panic buying and crashing the set budget: 

Why Start Early Christmas Shopping?

  1. There is no harm is staying prepped and ready, not when Christmas is just a few days ahead. During holidays, we don’t want to gift something just because we have to and hence the present should be a very thoughtful and a planned purchase. 
  2. It is better to divide the whole budget equally and pay until Christmas rather than spending all in just one month or close to the festivities. 
  3. By planning ahead, you can get your hands on the things you want before they are out of stock due to the Christmas rush. 
  4. With everything done before time, you can actually enjoy the whole merry season without having to worry about the shopping and plan Bs. 

Christmas Store at TJC for Early Christmas Shopping:

TJC is all set to make this holiday season full of cheer and merry for you. We curated a whole Christmas store in advance to add some happiness this year in everyone’s life and get them shopping at the comfort of their homes, for themselves and their loved ones. Browse below to find some greatest treasures of TJC, ready to guide you in your early Christmas shopping: 


Christmas Gift Finder:

Gifts for Him- Bring him the joy and love of the universe this Christmas. We understand shopping for men is not easy, be it your spouse, brother, or your father. So here we have a dedicated section to explore called Christmas Collection for Him and pick what pleases you the best. Whether it is the clothing, accessories, jewellery, or a watch to add in their collection, this section can guide you well and offer a true Christmas keepsake. 

Gifts for Her- There is no surprise that women and jewellery are incomplete without each other! So, let the lady in your life shine with some of this most beautiful Gifts for Her. During early Christmas shopping, you can get your hands on some of our beloved pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Bangles, bracelets, charms, and chain are also popular in here along with other beauty gift options.

Gifts for Kids Want to see the twinkle of innocence and love in your child’s eyes? Get anything from Christmas Gifts for Kids, a cherry-picked selection and witness the most serene sight of your life. The gift options for kids does not limit to just toys and games, but at TJC, you can also find jewellery crafted, especially for them. Little trinkets, pendants, bangles, earrings and other adorable creations wait in here!

Gifts for Home- Too confused on what to gift? The home section can be your blind pick! From art, linens, decor and fragrances, the Christmas Gifts for Home has myriad of options to choose from. So, take your wild guess and give something thoughtful and useful to your family and friends this Christmas.

Christmas Shopping with Budget: Setting a budget is the smartest thing to do before you start with your early Christmas shopping. We understand it can be hard to keep a check on money during the holiday season as the offers and discounts try to lure you into blowing all your hard-earned dough. To make this task more comfortable and help you spend wisely, we have a budget section with products under £10, £20, £30, £50, and £100 with luxury gifts at the end. This way, you can divide your contacts and decide the amount you are willing to spend on each and then enter the specific section to shop! 


Delights at Christmas Store: If you already know what you are looking for and just need some options to explore, try the Christmas store. There you can find Children’s jewellery, Diamond gifts, Pearl Jewellery, Health and beauty, Fashion Gifts, Gifts for home Watches and even the sparkling Swarovski Zirconia. This section is home of holiday shopping with ample of options and products to buy. 

Christmas is the best time of the year, and we would love to be a part of your traditions this time. Keep your holiday spirit flying and get a head start on early Christmas shopping, so you don’t break the budget and stress in the season. Also remember, family traditions last far longer than the thrill of unwrapping a gift, make sure everyone smile this time!

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