Statement jewellery that will work all year long

We all know how effective statement jewellery can be when it comes to taking your look to the next level. Whether you love to wear lots of glitz on a daily basis or just have a few pieces that you bring out on special occasions, statement jewellery is always a winner.

While there are some styles that are truly classic, looking great no matter what for years, others depend on current trends. This means they can go out of fashion incredibly quickly, leaving you with an item of jewellery that may look out of place.

Rather than give in to the trend of the moment, choose a piece of statement jewellery that will stand the test of time and look stunning for the whole of 2016. We’ve got some great choices to pick from but here are a few our favourites:

Elegant earrings

One of the most popular choices for statement jewellery is earrings, which are proving to be a red carpet must-have for celebs this awards season. They can be worn with simple outfits to help add a bit of detail or teamed with glam ensembles to really up the wow factor.

This versatility is why having a pair of classic statement earrings is a great idea, as you can be sure they’ll work with numerous outfits while still looking totally fresh each time you put them on.

A go-to option for many people is a really dangly style, which draws the eye due to size as well as sparkle. Pieces like our pair of Tanzanite Earrings stand out because they add movement, glitter and focus to an outfit. The blue of the tanzanite will catch the light while the platinum overlay sterling silver will help the shade stand out further.

If you want to wear a smaller pair, be sure to choose something that has a bit more detail so they will still turn heads. These Japanese Akoya Pearl and White Zircon Earrings are a super pretty choice that have a beautiful classic edge.

The design is quite simple but the zircon stones add texture that contrasts with the warm pink tone of the pearl. These will look stunning with an elegant chignon hairstyle and your favourite little black dress.

Ravishing rings

Another great choice for statement jewellery is rings, as these can be quite subtle or really bold – depending on how you style them. You can wear a single statement ring or team several together to create a strong look.

You can also tailor your look by either wearing statement rings alone or alongside other glitzy pieces, such as necklaces and earrings, so as to balance your ensemble.

When it comes to classic statement rings, those that contain stones are a great choice. Gemstones catch the light as you move your hands, which automatically draws people’s eyes to your jewellery. This is why pieces like our Ethiopian Welo Opal and Diamond Floral Ring are such effective choices.

The central focus not only adds sparkle, it also introduces texture and detail to make the ring really stand out.

If you like textured designs, you can opt to include a lot of this element instead of gemstones. This creates a softer look that is still very effective. Our 14K Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Hearts Band Ring is a really lovely option, with the cut-out heart design adding a lot of texture that will contrast well against simple fabrics.

Stunning statement necklaces

Of course, one of the most popular choices when it comes to statement jewellery is necklaces. These instantly draw the eye because they are such an obvious outfit embellishment, meaning it is easy to make them stand out.

Adding lots of glitter is a classic option for statement necklaces, which works with most styles of clothing – although you shouldn’t team super sparkly designs with other bold pieces as it can be a bit much.

We love this White Austrian Crystal Necklace because it is so simple but effective. It features layered crystals against a gold tone metal, creating a textured look that will catch the light and shine no matter what.

If you want a lovely elegant choice, try choosing a necklace that features a classic style but several different embellishments that work together. Our Freshwater White Pearl and White Austrian Crystal Necklace is absolutely gorgeous and is totally the right choice for the rest of the year.

It has a flowing design with glitter added by the crystals while the pearls make it totally chic. You really can’t go wrong with something like this.

What is your go-to item of statement jewellery?

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