Stay safe: How to store jewellery until Christmas morning

If you're giving the gift of sparkle this Christmas, it isn't enough to just wrap gifts up and pop them under the tree. You want to ensure that jewellery looks as beautiful when it is opened on December 25th as it did when you wrapped it up in the first place.

This means you have to think about how you are presenting it and where you are storing it on the run-up to Christmas morning. You might not think that jewellery could be affected by its environment, but some gemstones and metals can be. This means it is best to treat everything in the same way so as to be safe rather than sorry.

Avoid heat

You should avoid storing any jewellery next to radiators as the heat could damage the metal or affect the colour of the gemstones. While your heaters are unlikely to get hot enough to do a significant amount of damage to any jewellery, you don't want to risk it so keep everything in a cool area.

Keep out of direct sunlight

Not only can direct sunlight fade the wrapping paper you have chosen, it can also heat a gift up, which could result in similar issues to storing it next to your radiators.

Just as some jewellery shouldn't be placed in direct sunlight while outside of a box – some gemstones can change colour as a result of sunlight – you should therefore follow this advice even when it is boxed up.

Box it up

You should store jewellery in a box, this means wrapping it up in a box to. This stops it getting lost, broken or tangled up; all of which can lead to disappointment on Christmas morning. 

Even if you use a gift bag, the chances are, it could affect how the jewellery looks once it is opened. At the very least, you should wrap the jewellery up in tissue paper to keep everything together and avoid tangles, which can damage jewellery.

Keep it hygienic

If the jewellery you have bought someone comes in hygienic packaging, you should keep it wrapped up; especially if you can't return it once it is unpackaged. 

Not only will this cover you if the person you are giving it to doesn't like it, the packaging will keep it clean and avoid any issues when they wear it.    

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