Staycation Ideas for Your Home

With so many of us staying at home more and possibly not going away on holiday this year it’s so essential to make our homes and gardens comfortable and cared for. Here at TJC Style, we have lots of products that will provide solutions for keeping you cool, your air cleaner and your garden tidier!

Home essentials


Let me show you some of my personal favourites:


Air Pod Bladeless Fan

I can recommend this fan because I’ve used this in my own home. It’s packed with so many great features over and above it being bladeless. 

No blades mean it’s so much safer if you have children or pets and also much quieter. Talking of which it has a sleep setting for night-time which enables you to have the fan on cooling your bedroom, but I’ve found it’s easy to sleep through. Also, to help with using at night it has a timer function, so you can set it at hourly intervals to turn off once you fall asleep.


home essentials
Air Pod Oscillating Bladeless Fan

A feature that I haven’t seen in other fans is that it rotates in two directions; horizontally around the room but also vertically 90 degrees to oscillate the air in every direction. You can use these functions together or independently and of course, choose from the six-speed settings.

All of this can be done from a distance using the remote control, so it is excellent for elderly or disabled people who have limited movement. 

The only thing you need to decide is whether you want a black or white one to go with your surroundings!


If this isn’t your style or you want a tower fan, then try-

Silentnight Bladeless Tower Fan

home essentials
 Silentnight Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan

While it’s imperative to keep cool, it’s equally as essential to be breathing in clean air. I suffer from both asthma and hay fever, so I’ve been looking for an efficient and affordable solution to keep my rooms purified and I’m pleased to say I’ve found the perfect solution!

Silentnight Air Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filter System

This item will clean the air of any room with its superb HEPA and carbon filter system. As soon as you enter a room where this has been on, you will feel the difference in the air quality; think about clean mountain top air or by the seaside! It has three timer functions, so you can leave it on while you are out, three-speed settings to use according to the size of the room and a night light and sleep mode for night use too. The replaceable HEPA filter ensures that it will rid the place of even the smallest particles of dust and allergens. This filter will last up to 6 months and is easily replaced.

Silentnight Air Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filter System
 Silentnight Air Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filter System

 I’ve tried a few purifiers in the past, but nothing has ever come up to the standard that Silentnight offer on this model. Try it in your own home and start to reap the benefits of cleaner, healthier and fresher air!


Now let’s go outside and discover some handy and robust tools for tidying up your garden. 

I’ve had to do a lot more gardening this year compared to others due to lack of available help and because of this have had to invest in some new, non-rusty tools! It was about time I updated mine, and actually, the ones I’ve got from our Jardin de France range are excellent.


Jardin de France Shears and Loppers

This brand is a well-known quality make, made with top quality long-lasting materials. I absolutely love how easy the extendable long shears are to use. I find it tiring and tricky to reach up high to some hedges and shrubs, but these have made the job simple but also are very useful for a neat, clean-cut for the health of the plant too. They feature a non-stick Teflon surface to the blades and fully extendable telescopic handle with a locking system, so they are both efficient and safe to use at height.  


Shears Long Bladed Scissors to cut Branches and Leaves
Shears Long Bladed Scissors to cut Branches and Leaves

The loppers have made a big difference to me being able to cut thicker branches, for example, on my roses that I really needed to prune back, and secateurs didn’t work. They feature the same build materials as the shears, but these have a superb ratchet action that enables you to cut up to 10 times more efficiently. Believe me, they really do work, and they claim to cut up to 30mm diameter, which while I haven’t measured any of the branches I’ve cut I wouldn’t doubt this capability at all.  


So, take a lookout and go through our website for these products and so many more to help with your home and surroundings.

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