Stone in Sight – Birthstone Emerald All May

Birthstone emerald has held the fancy and coveting of countless! The elegantly and mystically hued gemstone is true wonder, one of its kind. Flaunting an exclusive shade of green, the emerald has been seen any countless jewellery designs. What makes the jewel seem so luxurious? What’s the significance of it? There’s a lot that you need to know about it and here is where you get all the answers. Come and tap at the reservoir of knowledge about the birthstone emerald of May and learn its mysteries:



Displaying all elements of the royal class, this gem is truly magnificent. The name “emerald” comes from the ancient French word “Esmeraude,” which translates into “green gem.” Understandably, the name is given owing to its fantastic shade of green, which cannot be found in any other naturally-occurring gemstone. The posh flair of this intense colour is the key reason for its popularity. In fact, the gem is referred to as “Green Gold” by a lot of people. A popular member of the beryl family, it belongs to the same group as morganite and aquamarine. Wear the wonder, nestled in stunning emerald jewellery designs that enhance its classic charm!


Physical Properties of Birthstone Emerald

physical properties of birthstone emerald

There are certain determining qualities and factors that set this gorgeous gemstone apart and ahead of all the other green stones. Its major distinguishing features are mentioned below:



Known, acknowledged, and loved for its stunning and exclusive emerald green colour, this sparkling stone boasts a rich shade of green. That said, you may find several varieties of this stone, in a range of different shades. Varying from light green with tints of yellow in them, you may also find a rare and high-priced specimen of birthstone emerald that promises an intense and rich dark green colour. It is to be noted that the gems with vivid colours are usually tipping on the expensive side, while the ones with washed-out or grey tinge and cheaper and a little less desirable.


The cut of this stone is extremely important. It needs to display the colour as well as the clarity of gem perfectly. The emerald cut is a cut that’s exclusive to this stone; it features a rectangular head with diagonal steps chiselled down on the sides. However, it is not the only cut popular for this gem. Other notable cuts are: round, cushion, oval, baguette, pear, and more as such.


Another brilliant feature of this tasteful gemstone is its clarity. Emeralds are popular and loved for their stark transparency. Some specimens include a little clouding or inclusions, too, but they’re not considered to lower the value. In fact, some of these inclusions are called “Jardin,” which is a French word for garden. These are naturally formed over years and are appreciated, as long as they don’t affect the visibility of this stone.


Emeralds are among the rare gems that are available in smaller carat weights. The rise in carats doesn’t necessarily raise the prices or value of the stone. It goes without saying that an emerald with a larger size and carat weight, but a dull grey colour, will still have a lower value as compared to a smaller specimen with a brilliant colour-clarity combination. In any case, large-sized or higher carat-weight emeralds are rarely found in the market.


Significance of Birthstone Emerald in Wedding and Engagement Rings

Astrologers believe that wearing an emerald engagement ring is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has various benefits. The stunning green stone holds in itself several mysteries and legends that make it prized possession to be flaunted. Below are mentioned some of the beliefs around the stone:


  1. It is believed that birthstone emerald is the stone of the heart. It has a lot of emotional and physical effect on matters of the heart. If worn in engagement or wedding rings, it can bring lots of nurturing and love into your relationship for a long and lasting time. The gem doesn’t lose its colour over time, making an ideal choice for your ring designs. 
  2. Many healers across the globe believe that by wearing emeralds or even by drinking emerald elixirs might cure your cardiac problems. However, there is no proof of it and it should only be done under the expert advice and guidance. 
  3. Ancient legends believed that birthstone emerald contains blessings of gods and goddesses. They brilliantly represent the divinity. By putting on an engagement ring studded with this gemstone means that you have the blessings of god and your betrothment will be full of luck, positivity, and joy! 
  4. Another good reason to opt for a wedding band or engagement ring studded with emerald has to do with what this stone represents. The soulful green gem stands for the symbols of love, healing, growth, and even fertility. All of these are related to a good martial bond. These all, together, make this stone the best choice of all!


Other Gemstones Like Emerald

Emerald green is a particular shade that is exclusive to this stone. However, there are other stones, too, which offer different inviting and magnetic shades of green. Here, we have a list of them.




A bright and vivacious green gem is the peridot. Boasting excellent bright olive-green tints, this stone is a delight for many eyes. It ranges from light green tones with yellow tints to the darker and more intense shades of the olive-green base. Peridot jewellery can be worn as an emerald alternative, but it has colours that are slightly lighter in comparison.


Russian Diopside

Seemingly darker and much more intense than an emerald, this gorgeous stone has a look quite green and lush. It features bespoke clarity in pair with its beautiful hues, too. It is much-coveted and desired, but still a little bit different than the distinguishable emerald green colour. Russian Diopside Jewellery has been flaunted by countless as alternatives to birthstone emeralds.


Tsavorite Garnet

A rare and precious variety of the popular garnet gems, these stones have a colour tone that’s extremely similar to that of emeralds. These gems are, too, clear and sparkly! Tsavorite garnet jewellery has been the choice of many, owing to their brilliant colour-clarity combination and rare findings.

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