Stones of Seasons – Spring Gems

Spring is here with a cheery flair! It’s the season to blossoming colours and lively fashions! Indulge in the prettiest hues of the rainbow and wear them all in radiant jewellery designs! Here in this post, let me tell you about the most beautiful 6 Spring Gems that you absolutely need this season. Swathe the colours and put a spring in your step. Come and explore the vibrant colours here:


6 Hues of Spring Gems

Spring is all about colours, and so are all the Spring gems! Below are mentioned the best sparkling stones that you can wear this season. Engage in the lush greens, cheery pinks, and radiant yellows, as Spring is all about vivacity! Read on to know which stones are the bests in trending fashion:



Emerald is not only a gorgeous green gemstone that is representative of green Spring season, but it also symbolizes growth as well as renewal. Emerald Jewellery explores the lush and exotic symbols of growing trees in the depths of forests. It’s a crystal that is also used by healers to promote a healthy relationship between partners. Find & experiment in several different ways of wearing this stone, like in earrings, pendants, bracelets, or even brooches.

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Premium Santa Terezinha Emerald and Cambodian Zircon Halo Pendant in 9K Gold

Kagem Zambian Emerald, Natural Cambodian Zircon Flower Dangle Earrings

Premium Emerald and Natural Cambodian Zircon Eternity Ring in 14K Gold


Radiant and glowing like the Sun, this stone is probably the best crystal in Spring Gems! It has marvellously clear transparency, which is paired with its glorious colour. Your onlookers will be absolutely smitten when you clasp on a brilliant dazzler from the Citrine Jewellery collection. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but the gem is also used in the healing world. The community believes that it improves your mood and aids creative thinking, too.

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Citrine Multi Gemstones Drop Earrings in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver

Madeira Citrine, White Topaz Floral Ring in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver

Brazilian Citrine and White Zircon Drop Pendant with Chain in Sterling Silver


A naturally-occurring type of natural quartz, amethyst is a stone that’s rich and exotic. Its deep and mysterious colours have forever held the fascination of countless, making it one of the most sought-after Spring gems. Healers believe that by wearing Amethyst Jewellery, one can attain peace and calm thinking. The crystal is also believed to draw out all the negative vibes from the wearer, cleansing dark mood and anger. Wear it in the best designs of rings and pendants.

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Amethyst and Cambodian Zircon Halo Stud Earrings in 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Amethyst Snowflake Pendant in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver

Lusaka Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring in 9K Yellow Gold



Available in a slew of bright and vibrant colours, tourmaline is among the Spring gems that represent happiness and joy. It’s a crystal with absolutely clear transparency, making it a lush choice for not only Spring but any other season, too. In the world of spiritual healing, it is believed that wearing tourmaline jewellery, especially with black tourmaline, can help you achieve emotional clarity. The vibrantly-hued stone is the perfect fix for this Spring season!


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Rainbow Tourmaline Leaf Ring in 14K Gold and Rhodium Overlay Sterling Silver

Black Tourmaline, Boi Ploi Black Spinel Drop Dangle Earrings

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Halo Pendant in 14K Rose Gold


Another green gem, this is a stone that offers hues of open fields. It is one of the better-known Spring gems that reflects the perfect imagery of flora. In fact, in ancient times, it was believed by many that Peridot is a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate the Spring temperatures! Don’t miss out on wearing a loving design of Peridot Jewellery this green season, for sure. Smaller stones make for brighter and more stunning jewellery ideas, in pair with the traditional yellow gold. Explore to get the best and experiment!


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Hebei Peridot and Cambodian Zircon Pendant in Gold Plated Silver



Spring gems are indeed all about lush and blooming greens! Here is another stunning gem that reflects the beautiful colour of blooming Spring! And not only in alluring green, but jade jewellery can also be worn in several colours and shades, thanks to its fantastic availability. If you love pop and cheery fashion, then this is it for you. Explore the countless ways of fashioning it this season and experiment a little with your look.


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Multi Colour Gemstone Earrings in Rhodium Overlay Sterling Silver

Green Jade, Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Russian Diopside and Natural White Cambodian Zircon Elephant Head Pendant

Royal Bali Red Jade Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver


Stay bling-y fresh this whole Spring season and make talks of trending fashion with your stunning choice in jewels! Be the spot-light stealer when you clap on these vivacious colours and make it the best time of the year! You may also shop more from our special Spring Collection or even Spring Bloom Collection!

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