Street Style: Mixing Textures – organic metals and smooth gems

We draw inspiration from Street Style Trends and focus on jewellery styles that people are actually wearing every day, this time, paying specific attention to beautiful rough metals, and smooth orb like gems and cabochons – the perfect combination this season when looking for the right jewellery piece.

As the weather has changed, so has our style. Entering autumn means we can enjoy a season where we can wrap up in cosy knit jumpers, fluffy coats and chill at home in our sheepskin slippers, and although this sounds great, it’s not ideal for pairing sleek pieces of jewellery, which is why we’re loving a more rustic approach to styling our ensembles.

One trend that people seem to be wearing is creative jewellery, in particular pieces that have been crafted from blackened silver which is then intricately designed using cool spirals, coils, twists and turns. Further detailed with smooth and deeply coloured gems and cabochons ideal if you want to vamp up a look with a real show-stopping piece.

This season is all about embracing and loving imperfections. So, go for uneven settings, beautiful big gobstopper like stones set in rough organic edges.

Take some inspiration from designer brands that use rope and wire wrapping and shop our Royal Bali Collection and Jewels of India Collection or just take a look at items you can rock with your autumn essentials from our Pinterest board…

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