Stuck on the boys: Great gifts for any lad this Christmas

Buying for boys can be a difficult prospect. Unlike girls, you can't treat them to jewellery or cosmetics when you aren't sure what they want. This means you want to find something that looks good and is functional to ensure they use it.

So what gifts are a good idea for guys this Christmas? At The Jewellery Channel, we have some great options that are sure to spoil any man come December 25th.


This is a great idea for guys of all ages. From teenagers to dads to grandads, a watch is a good gift idea that is functional and looks great.

Whether you want to get a high-price option or simply pick one up as a stocking filler, there are a huge number of styles available, suiting everyone's taste.

At the lower end of the cost spectrum, you can get something like this Genoa Automatic Skeleton Black Dial Water Resistant Watch. The classic shape is teamed with an intricate, statement face that adds a modern element.

It is a good looking timepiece that is great for both smart and casual wear, making it perfect for almost any guy you need to buy for.

Of course, you can also spend a bit more and get something special like this Monchic High Tech Ceramic Chronograph Swiss Movement Sapphire Crystal Diamond Dial Watch. The design is really modern and edgy while the quality is absolutely fantastic, making it perfect for the more discerning man on your nice list.


Every man always needs a decent wallet, which makes it a great gift choice when you're a bit stuck or need to find something to top up their stocking. Even if they don't use it straight away, they will undoubtedly end up needing a new one, so having a spare is always a good bet.

When it comes to wallets, it's a good idea to keep the design simple so your choice suits any style or outfit. It also makes it easier for anyone to keep their wallet looking like it is in good condition.

Something subtle like this Black Genuine Leather Wallet is a good choice and will likely be incredibly useful.


If you know a guy who is a bit of a snappy dresser, you might want to get him something he can add to his wardrobe. While buying shirts can be difficult if you don't have his measurements and ties are a dependent on personal taste, a belt is a really good bet.

Whether they usually wear a suit or are a fan of smart jeans, every man tends to require a belt sooner or later, with many realising they don't have a suitable option when the time comes.

It is a good option to choose a black belt as it will work with most colours or styles. This Genuine Leather Black and Brown Belt is a good choice as it looks smart and has a classic buckle.

The one thing you do want to pay attention to is the size of the belt. So long as you have a general idea of a person's size, you can find a suitable belt. Just remember, it is better to go too big when buying belts than too small.  

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