Stunning summer silver

When you think of summer, you probably start daydreaming about warm temperatures, days by the beach and warm colours. These things tend to influence the styles of summer, from clothing to jewellery, which is why gold is a big shade when it comes to summer bling.

While we love gold, the colour you should really be rocking this summer is silver. This cooler tone works perfectly with so many trends for the season, offering a softer shade for a more subtle style.

Working with pastels as well as strong shades, and with every on-trend look, silver is the new queen of your jewellery box. 

So how should you wear silver for the summer?


It goes without saying that silver is an ideal choice for your jewellery this summer. The cool colour will help to add sparkle in a beautifully subtle yet effective way, whether you choose to go bold or more simple with your jewellery.

You can wear the shade throughout simple designs to result in a very soft look that still has plenty of sparkle. Pieces like this Diamond Bracelet team the cool colour with a fluid design to result in an effective piece of jewellery that will work with almost any outfit.

Alternatively, you can make a statement with an effective piece, like this LucyQ Splat Necklace, which is sure to draw the eye. This will make your jewellery the centre of your outfit so it's best to keep the rest of your look simple. 


Silver is also a great shade to use throughout your makeup, as it can create a soft blended look to highlight your best features.

The fresh-faced look is hot right now, with makeup being all about giving your skin a natural glow and using subtle tricks to emphasise key parts of your face.

With this in mind, silver-hued highlighters can be used to draw the eye to your brow bone and cheekbones, while it can also make your eyes seem larger by blending a soft shadow in the corner to create an open appearance.


We all love a blingy manicure, so silver is the ideal choice if you want to make a statement with your nails. 

Whether you go for complete silver nails or choose to feature the shade on an accent nail to include a bit of sparkle alongside another colour, silver can create a really effective manicure that is sure to be the perfect finishing touch.

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