Style Alert: Charms

Express your style with charms! Whether it be charm rings, bracelets or necklaces, charms are back and you can find just about every charm you will ever want and emulate your personal style through this jewellery trend.

Recently, there has been a shift in the type of jewellery we choose. We’ve given loud statement pieces a rest and instead have opted for finer jewellery that can be mixed and matched for everyday wear, promoting customisability and timeless style options.

The need for personalisation has become ever more popular as jewellery is an outward expression of our personality,  we’ve seen jewellery come alive through trends such as stacking and layering along with current obsessions with alphabet letters, slogans and charms.

The most famous jewellery houses are interpreting charms in unique ways and now so is TJC!

Express Yourself
Remember special occasion, events and people forever with charms and pre made charm bracelets. We are very expressive, and our hands help us tell a story, which explains why we love to adorn them. Decide a unique way to express your self or tell a story with charm jewellery.

Stack. Stack. Stack.
We love the stacking theme but throw in a couple of charms and your set is most definitely complete. Stacked rings, bracelets or necklaces adorned with charms or pendants are super luxurious finishing off your set completely.

Rings and Bracelets
Check out our Charm Collection to personalise your style with our charm bracelets, individual charms or plain bracelets ready to made yours! If you’re not one for bracelets but still want to adorn your hands with this expressive trend, charm rings could be the answer, get yourself this fun set of rings in gold tone or this super chic Pearl charm ring perfect for mix and matching with other rings.

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