Styling scarves for summer

Scarves aren’t just for winter, they can also be the perfect items to add to your summer wardrobe. They can instantly add colour, texture and pattern to an outfit, changing its style and your outfit’s focus. This is why you should definitely be wearing summer scarves this season.

To help you find the right way to wear your scarves for the warmer season, here are our top tips:

Over the shoulders

A simple way to add some colour to your style is to wear your scarf over your shoulders. Simply fold it in half to form a triangle before draping it over your shoulders. You can tie the two ends together to keep it in place or even join them with a brooch.

This is a great way to cover your shoulders and protect them from the sun if you’re wearing strapless or halter neck styles. It can also add something different to plain tops and create a slightly vintage vibe.


You can swap out your statement necklaces for a bold neckerchief this summer to add a different element to any outfit. Use your neckerchief to create a colour contrast or to dress up simple outfits.

They are really versatile and are a great way to use scarves to make a statement in a simple way.

Bow ties

If you want to dress up shirts with collars, a great way to do so is to use a long and thin scarf to create a loose bow. This 80s look is really fun and can make your work wardrobe a bit more interesting.

Just simply tie a bow and leave the long ends of the scarf dangling down to make it look like you’re wearing a tie. Team this with a tailored jacket to be totally on-trend.

Long and knotted

You can make your torso longer and leaner by simply wearing a long scarf around your neck and knotting it in the middle. This will create a loose look that won’t overheat you but still introduces colour to your outfit.

Increase the lengthening effect by opting for vertical stripes, will which look great against simple shades.

Around your hat

No summer look is complete without a sunhat. Whether you’re wearing a wide-brimmed style or a festival trilby, adding a scarf to it will help you personalise your look even more. Either tie your scarf so the ends trail over the brim of your hat or use brooches to pin it in place and add a bit of bling.

Cinch your waist

Want a more interesting waist-cinching solution than just a simple skinny belt? Scarves are the perfect option when it comes to adding more shape to your silhouette. They offer a softer touch that works well with full skirts, especially if you use contrasting shades.

Tying a scarf around your waist will help to highlight and create an hourglass figure no matter what your size or natural shape.

Beach wrap

Large scarves can be used to create an easy and effective wrap for the beach or even for teaming with your staple shorts and T-shirt. You just need to drape it over your shoulders and you’re good to go.

If you want to keep it in place better, use brooches or pins to create faux sleeves that will still allow you to use your scarf in different ways.

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