Subtle statement: Make the most of small earrings

Now that the cold weather of the autumn/winter season is making itself felt, fashions are going to start to changing. While summer allowed for fewer layers that showed off any type of statement jewellery, AW14 is all about covering up.

Big coats, chunky knitwear and high necklines are just a few of the styles that are starting to make an appearance – being both functional and fashionable this season. These types of clothing mean it can be difficult to create the right balance between your outfit and your accessories.

Even evening wear will pose a challenge from now on, as dresses with heavy detail and high necklines are in vogue, which means that large necklaces and chandelier earrings aren't the way to go.

So exactly what style of jewellery works with all the bundled up styles being presented for AW14? 

Small stud earrings are definitely the go-to choice for both day and night when wearing warmer outfits. You might think they'd get lost in the background, but you'll actually be surprised how big a statement they can make even though they are perfectly understated.

Bright colours

Many of the shades featuring on the catwalk and the high street for AW14 are on the dark side. Navy blue, plum, emerald and black are a few of the popular choices right now and are creating rich looks.

Adding a small shock of colour to looks that use these tones is a great way to make a statement without going over the top. Choosing a pair of simple and elegant studs in an interesting shade will create a great contrast to the colours showcased throughout the rest of your look.

Something like these beautifully bright Iliana White Gold Jalisco Fire Opal Studs are a stunning choice for the season and will work with many of the main colours that are on trend right now. The chic triangular shape adds a bit of interest to the earrings without being too intricate, which would clash with the bold shade of the fire opal.

To further boost the appeal of these studs, you could mirror their colour in your makeup by painting your nails in a similar shade or wearing a crimson lipstick. This will create a cohesive look with minimal effort, while also making sure your outfit turns heads.

Classic sparkle

Nothing catches the eye – even in small amounts – more than a touch of sparkle. Small earrings with lashings of glitter are a great option for winter as they will stand out while also working with both cold and warm clothing colours.

Whether you're looking for a pair of studs for evening or daytime wear, glitz always works well and can make you feel a bit more glamorous when the rain is falling.

While single stone earrings are a lovely choice, choosing a pair of earrings that has several stones – while still being small – and an interesting pattern ensures that your earrings catch the light at all times – making them look even sparklier.

Our J Francis Swarovski Zirconia Stud Earrings feature a flower type pattern created by the placement of seven stones and emphasised by a platinum overlay sterling silver design. They are a great budget pair of earrings that look super expensive and are great for popping to the shops or heading out for a night on the town. 

Intricate styles

Just because earrings are small, it doesn't mean they can't include a lot of detail. Choosing a pair that have a lot of stones and include interesting shapes while still being tiny is a sure-fire way to boost your look.

A great option for this type of earring is to choose a stud that covers a larger proportion of your earlobe, without going overboard. This ensures they will be noticed whether your hair is up or down. It also means you can get away with wearing no other pieces of jewellery, which will really make your earrings stand out.

These stunning J Francis Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings certainly tick all the right boxes and have a slightly larger design than simple studs. They can be worn in several different ways, creating different looks that can suit a range of styles.

They also mix glitter with colour, making an even bolder statement that means they are a must for your jewellery box throughout this season.     

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