Summer glow: Makeup tips you need to know

Our skin usually looks healthier and happier during the summer, with more daylight leaving it feeling fresh and bright. You can also increase the summer glow with a few easy makeup tips, ensuring that your skin looks amazing even on days when you don’t feel it.

Whether you’re going to the beach or heading to work, you can create a beautiful summer glow when you’re outside in the sun or stuck indoors. The look is easy to achieve and serves to heighten the great effect the sunshine has on your skin.

Here are our top makeup tips for summer:

Swap your matte foundation

One of the easiest changes to make for summer is to swap your matte foundation for one that is lighter and has illuminating properties.

You don’t need to weigh your skin down in the summer, as the added heat and humidity can lead to clogged pores, so a lighter foundation is a great idea anyway. If you also choose a foundation that has light reflecting pigments, this will result in a natural, dewy look without the need for numerous products.

If you already use a light a foundation, try an illuminating primer underneath. This will help your foundation last longer and result in brighter looking skin.

Bright under-eye concealer

You can brighten your skin further and make your whole face seem fresh and awake by using a brightening concealer under your eyes. This will reduce any dark shadows and bags, ensuring you look more awake.

Rather then blending a line of concealer under your eyes, create a fan shape that runs from beside your nose to the outside corner of your eye. This gives a better result and will brighten the whole under-eye area.

To further the look, blend a brightening eyeliner underneath the lower lash line. You can also use it on the waterlines of your eyes to make them seem larger.

Use bronzer not blush

Even if you don’t tan, you can create a sun-kissed look by swapping blusher for bronzer. Use either a matte or shimmery bronzer over your cheekbones for a light summer look.

Ensure that the shade works with your skin tone and isn’t too dark or it won’t blend correctly. Start with a small amount and build up the colour if you need to, as it is easier to add than it is to remove your bronzer.

Highlight, highlight, highlight

Your must-have product when it comes to creating a summer glow is your highlighter. Use a powder or liquid formula – it is all down to personal preference and how it feels on your skin – to highlight the areas of your face that are naturally hit by the sun.

This includes your forehead, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and your chin. Blend your highlighter in – again, you can build up the coverage if you want to – and enjoy the soft glow it creates even on overcast days.

If you’re wearing a top that shows off a bit of skin, you can also use a touch of highlighter on your collar bones, shoulders and decolletage areas for an increased glow.

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