Summer holidays with Stacey

Summer holidays are on the way and we know summer holidays mean hot weather, fab beach wear in exotic locations and not forgetting the jewellery.

The lovely Stacey Ellis is just back from a holiday with her husband. They chose the Greek island of Rhodes for their island getaway, where they had loads of fun and a much deserved break.

Here’s a little extract from Stacey’s travel adventure:

Stacey EllisJust back from my travels with my hubby – we had a absolute blast in Rhodes! We ate, danced and explored, read loads of books and caught up on some of much needed hours of sleep – I’m still struggling to come to terms with my 3am alarm call!

We spent a lot of time in the old medieval town of Rhodes. There are no maps for the winding streets and lanes and not a name in sight. Getting lost here is a sure certainty but so much fun! We were so sad to leave, but as they say… There’s no place like home.

So we all like to look our best when we’re flitting about the world on our travels, but maybe taking your biggest and best gems isn’t the way to go. Stacey has some great advice for us when it comes to holiday jewels.

If you are off on your holidays soon remember my golden rule… don’t take your real diamonds take jewellery MADE with Swarovski Zirconia instead for some super bling to rival the most expensive diamonds.

Are you off on your summer holidays soon? Tell us where you’re going and if you’ve had any funny holiday mishaps.

Love TJC xx


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