Spring and Summer Beauty Essentials: Heyland & Whittle

We have got you on board for a new surprise. If you are wondering, what is it?

Well, hold on! It is a new Beauty range at TJC with a dose of summer beauty essentials that can literally be the soother for stressful days, a booster for your dejected self and definitely a complete beauty care for a flawless skin of dreams.

And its Heyland & Whittle

The brand has got its name as the husband and wife Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle joined hands on kick-starting a venture back in 2003. Being established as a quality and natural soap and home fragrances manufacturer, the brand has turned out well. Budding their business by creating authentic and natural products, the range so offered is vast.

Heyland & Whittle

The icing on the cake being the handmade products expertly cut, filled and decorated in a way that anyone can go awestruck. The brand is bringing an unbeatable wholesome goodness directly from the farms in rural Surrey. Accompanied by cold pressed methods and traditional styles, this is one brand that is unfolding sheer magic of exemplary fragrances of Jasmine, lilac and lavender.

So, let’s go and unleash the products. I mean it’s better to see where the magic is coming from?

Home Essentials

Candles: Spring is the time to lit a candle and bring the warmth and energy so dissipated. Heyland & Whittle candles are  specifically made from soy wax and some award-winning fragrances. Let you dwell, we see!

Diffusers: A must for scenting your home with an irresistible aromatic fragrance. The choice of diffuser fragrances is extensive and easily gets you awed. It’s handmade Clementines and Prosecco Reed Diffuser is highly recommended.

Skin Care

Spring and summer beauty essentials should be natural and this brand taps toes with that. A range of beautiful cold pressed soaps and an extensive collection of paraben-free hand wash, lotions and body wash is ideal for a spa-like natural indulgence.

Gift Sets

Taking your eyes off from Heyland & Whittle Gift Sets is impossible. Whether it is an occasion or no occasion at all, these thoughtful gifts are everything to up your desires for an aromatic indulgence.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrich self with new Jasmine & Lilac fragrance which rekindles the truly English Summers day. A euphoric bouquet of lavender, lilac and jasmine ignite the memories and of course, is Quintessentially British!

We say this is the brand you can make some eventful memories with!




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