Summer Time Whites

As the weather heats up and allows us to prepare for what will hopefully be a sizzling season, you may be wondering how to you will be able to covet one of the most popular summertime colour trends we have seen on and off of the catwalk – summer ready White!

It’s time to rid of monochromatic black and white looks and go either or. We’ve seen the ‘all black everything’ trend, but now it’s time to make room for its polar opposite – light and fresh clothing that will reflect the sun rays and make for fun and refreshing ensembles to be worn during summery days.

So, ditch the black layers and revitalise your wardrobe with white statement clothing and jewellery, you may not be brave enough to don the crisp white trend head to toe, so try and reduce this trend to one statement piece of clothing paired with great accessories. Here’s a couple of items that we think can work in any wardrobe, lending you a clean, refined and sophisticated tone.

5 ways to wear white and still look flawlessly pristine:

This is another timeless classic clothing item that can be worn to dress up more casual outfits at any time. Most people have a basic versatile black blazer for work purposes, but try experimenting your style this season with a dazzling white blazer to wear on and off duty. Avoid looking clinical and opt for a fitted blazer with silver or gold hardware which will help add some dimension to your ensembles.

This particular item is the most versatile, as you can wear at any time and for any occasion depending on the type of wash. This time venture away from the classic stone washed blue jeans and venture to crisp white jeans or try a variation of white such as Ecru or Ivory. White jeans can be easily styled against any colour top, camisole and cardigan depending on the weather. Try a distressed pair which will add some detail to the lower half of your body.

Kimono Jackets
You may be wondering why I would recommend a wearing a jacket summer, however it is totally covetable. We all saw the hit if kimono cardigans last year. Try a white lightweight fabric kimono jacket to wear throughout summer evenings, or on much more cooler days where you can layer your ensembles with light removable pieces. If you are totally against sporting a jacket during the summer months, try a sleeveless kimono. These will give you ultimate style, but also allow your body to breathe.

Some believe shoes can make or break an outfit! Complete your looks from the feet up with clean white shoes, whether it be all white trainers, loafers or heels, keep your feet fresh and a major focal point of your outfits with fashionable white shoes and a great pedicure!

Jewellery and Accessories
Styling white clothing items with accessories is an easy job as almost everything works against this colour, take your pick from this list on how you would choose to incorporate some glamour to your white ensembles:

1) White Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that will tie a white ensemble together, slightly opaque the milky stone is a great accessory to work with against this trend!
2) Silver also makes for a good pairing with white, as it is a metal that reflects light and colour, reinforcing the sophistication of your outfits.
3) If you’re a busy woman then it’s always important to keep note of the time, try and style your outfits with a white watch like this cool diamond studded ceramic watch – a style that is very ‘in’ at the moment.
4) Every woman carries a handbag, whether it’s big or small carry your essentials comfortablly with a stylish handbag while staying in theme with your white inspired ensemble.
5) If you’re not one to follow trend strictly, complete your white inspired summer outfits with a removable accessory – a scarf. Add a pop of colour or special embellishment with a silk or modal scarf that will keep you warm on breezy summer days, yet give you a dash of elegance.

How will you be incorporating and styling white into your wardrobe this summer?

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