A Bride’s Guide for Her Summer Wedding Jewellery

We just did a calendar check and filled with ecstasy to announce, yes – summer wedding season is going to be here soon.  Without a doubt, watching all dolled up engaged brides saying “I do” is the most heart pumping moment. We are sure it must be for you too?

Well, as the wedding bells going to be ringing for many of you, we thought why not wash away your stress a bit.  Some of the most strenuous tasks you are going to witness and let’s be honest– wedding jewellery it is.

While a bride is in a big humdrum and doing many checklists -her wedding gown, shoes, bouquets, everything is in place, but choosing wedding jewellery for a summer wedding is grinding.

But as we have your back, relax! All the gorgeous brides-to-be, here we unroll a couple of options and if you are ready to pop a question or two, we have got some suggestions too. So, hold back tight:

The Blushing Bride Necklace

The belle of the ball is the bride and all eyes are going to be glued at her. If you are the bride who keeps eye on the latest trends, choker necklaces are for you. They have revived their existence with a blow and rules all the fashion connoisseur wardrobes. Also, there are many vintage necklace options like Haute Couture necklace but try going bit fancier. Remember the on-trend lace and pearl choker (teamed by Princess Diana) will strike all the dreamy bride chords you wish to imbibe.

If you have planned a beach summer wedding, vibrant colourful necklaces, especially in sleeping beauty turquoise, will take your fancy.

Fresh floral Earrings game on point

While the bride has chosen all the possible details on her summer wedding dress, but there are other attributes that can infuse an unrestrained magic. Select a piece of floral earrings for a summer wedding that does a fine job of face framing and equal justice with her professionally done hairstyle.

Floral earrings, of course yes, as they are going to be unobtrusive and add the irresistible bridal bling.

 In fact, ears are the best place to add a splash of colour to an otherwise white wedding look and how about giving some gemstone earrings a go?

Accenting the arms

When it comes to your wrist, come on, you got to seek attention for that too. Of course, a minimal silver bangle or that oh-so-surreal bracelet formed with beads and baubles would work, but try to go for the overall complementing rule. Shell bracelets do an immaculate job in signifying the summer beach wedding influence.

 Note: While trying to experiment with wedding bracelet, ensure not stealing the attention from the ring, after all, it is where all the magic happens.


wedding jewellery

While its easy to caught up in the Diamond madness and way more than options, a ring will indeed define your eternal commitment. Try finding the wedding band according to your taste and how you would like to wear it after the wedding? A wedding band kick starts the magical life of togetherness and of course, it has to be special.

 Also, the ring selection itself is a process and hence you must look on the setting of the diamond, and type of ring you would want to adorn for the lifetime.

Key points

A wedding is a lifetime event but don’t let that overshadow your personality. Overboarding on jewellery is not cool. No matter what how much you load up on baubles but making the flashy statements on your special day will risk letting the accessories outshine you and your dreamy wedding gown.

So, be that effortless bride everyone can fall in complete awe with.


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