Summer with Floral

Can you sense the essence of flowers already in the air? We can! Summer and spring days are never complete without a handful of colours and some soothing floral prints. Exuding the sense of freshness, the power of the flower is always a great option for hot sunny days. Be it a casual playtime or time to hit the club, the iconic floral accessories, bags, jewellery and dresses can do an excellent job for you. If we talk about incorporating the floral beauty indoor, it is also possible with some very exquisite décor options and linens available at TJC. Come and explore some of the best-cherry-picked freshness from our collection:


Floral Jewellery: 

Carved in heaven and by the angels themselves, the jewellery in the form of flowers can be a dream come true. They are soothing, feminine, and very subtle, just what we all wish to own. The necklace, rings carved in the floral theme can give a sense of freshness and at the same time can keep you connected to the mother nature.

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Floral Fashion Picks: 

We cannot talk about flowers and beauty without some of the most excellent fashion picks! Be it a handbag or gorgeous summery dress; these small signs of happiness will add a lively touch to your living and lifestyle. They can serve as the reminders of the bounty of nature and add a blooming touch to your style. In clothing, the floral print is famously incorporated with free-flowing fabrics and comfy materials. The bags and accessories are also elegantly measured with the same love.

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Floral Home Décor: 

Add gentle reminders of life in your living and welcome the season of new beginnings. While the fresh buds bloom around the world, you can add their serene touch around your abode and make it very homely. With some of the most beautiful floral duvet and bedding sets, you can get a similar feel of mother nature along with some potted plants and floral lamps.

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Floral Fragrance: 

Evoking the scent of fresh spring bouquet and flowers, some very exotic fragrances in our collection are worth a try, especially during the hot days of the year. The essence that can last long, each of these fragrances are hand-picked for a soothing hint and all-day stay. The floral, sweet blends are unique and can suit all, be it a person who likes musk or little spicy touch. The floral is for all!

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BONUS! Enjoy floral summer sensations with the perfect outdoor settings:

Plan a perfect day outside in the green with some fantastic outdoor settings and arrangements. The products at TJC are excellent to plan a little getaway in your backyard, around the beaches or pool. Get ready to tan and have a great time with family and friends!

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Curating the most suitable shopping guide for you, here we aim to make this summer full of flowers and blessings for you. Have a happy time and shopping at TJC!

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