Summertime Fine Jewellery

Despite the title of the blog, fine jewellery is not only perfect for the summer season, but all year round!

We are continuously seeing fine jewellery everywhere, from the catwalks to our favourite high street brands, and we here at TJC took some time to find out why?

Fine jewellery is no longer looked at as an unattainable, lust worthy item. Before, stunning jewellery pieces usually cost thousands of pounds, but lets be real, not everyone has a large budget to blow, which is why it’s great to find this style of jewellery for a lot less, now available on the high street. But, as well as the fact that we can get fine jewellery suitable for every budget, fine jewellery has had its big comeback in fashion as it can be worked with a lot of current styling trends such as stacking!

Once seen as being a style option for those who loved vintage and traditional style, this type of jewellery is no longer limited to formal occasions.  The truth is fine jewellery looks the part, no matter how much it actually costs and is a perfect option for any and every occasion.

What we have seen is fashion jewellery starting to influence fine jewellery designs, which may be an explanation as to why it’s been such a hit over the last couple of months, it’s a perfect mixture of both styles, making it covetable by people of all ages.

People have also started to covet finer jewellery in different ways such as layering and mixing metals, in a bid  to make this trend fit their own style. People are forever experimenting. So mixing fine jewellery with fashion along with more expensive pieces with high street people are allowed to create extremely fashion forward styles and even new trends!

Want to start incoporating summertime fine jewellery into your personal style? We’ve got you covered! Browse our Pinterest board and see what is available for you to buy on TJC…

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