Sun and sandals: Easy ways to beautify your feet

Summer means something different to each of us, but there are at least a few common themes running throughout the season; one of which is footwear. 

Sandals are the must-wear style over the next few months. Not only do they look fab with all summer clothing, they are also practical in that they help to keep your feet comfortable and cool. 

One thing many people don't consider when sandal season starts is the fact that their feet are going to be on show. This can be a problem if you've had them hidden away in boots and shoes for winter and spring.

Your feet can look as though they need a bit of TLC, which you should aim to give them before showcasing your new pair of sandals. Not only will this ensure they look fab, it can actually mean that they feel a lot more comfortable throughout the summer. 

Here are TJC's top tips for beautifying your feet:

Give them a good scrub

One of the main things that can leave feet looking and feeling far from pretty is hard skin. This can build up over your heels, the soles of your feet and your toes. 

You may find that you've actually developed calluses, which are caused by a combination rubbing shoes and pressure. Not only do these look bad, but if not dealt with they can actually be quite problematic – not to mention painful!

To get rid of hard skin, use a pumice stone or foot scrub after soaking your feet in warm water. Doing this a couple of times a week will help keep your feet smooth and lovely, which is perfect for sandal weather.

Moisturise them daily

It isn't just scrubbing that helps to get rid of hard skin and keep your skin smooth, you also need to use moisturiser. 

As the skin in the soles of your feet tends to be tougher than elsewhere on your body, it is a good idea to get an intensive moisturiser that is designed for then. 

Varieties that include cocoa butter are really good, as they will deeply moisturise your feet but also actively help to smooth the skin. This means you'll probably see a big difference in the look and feel of your feet in a short amount of time.

It is a good idea to moisturise your feet every day, especially if you wear sandals a lot. Do this at night, just before bed so the lotion has time to work. You should also make sure you moisturise them thoroughly after scrubbing.

Get a pedicure

Just as your fingernails can become a fashion accessory, so can your toenails. If your toes are on display in sandals, make them part of your look with a coat of polish.

This can make them look healthier and add a pretty touch to your feet, while also resulting in a cohesive ensemble. 

You'll probably find that you need to paint your toenails a lot less than your fingernails, as they are exposed to fewer things that can cause polish to chip. With this in mind, choose a colour that will work with most of your SS15 wardrobe so they don't clash.

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