Sun-care Essentials for the Scorching Summer

Summer is here and it is on full blast! Needless to say, you need to take extra special care of your skin, among other things. Proper skincare regimes, sun cover, bath essentials, fragrances just seem top-of-the-head things that you need to cover. Here’s a list of all the sun-care essentials that you need to get hold of, before you step out in the relentless heat of this summer!


It is the ideal time for beach and you’ll definitely be spending hours outside, soaking in the warmth of the day. But, you need to remember that a lot of time spent in the sun isn’t all that good for your skin. You definitely need to watch out for the ultra-violet rays that are a known carcinogen. Naked skin, without any cosmetic or cover, is a risky move, especially if you’ve planned a long stay outside.


But, the question is – what are the best products you need? Where do you shop to find top-shelf and best quality products that will guard your skin from all the sun damages? To help you with this quandary, we’re bringing you a list of all the sun-care essentials that you will need this summer to remain safer than sorry.


Garnier Ambre Solaire after-Sun Soothing Lotion 400ml

Of course, it goes without saying that a good sunscreen is on top of the list of sun-care essentials. Garnier’s soothing hydrating lotion has been specifically formulated to soothe and nourish skin that feels dehydrated after sun exposure. Enriched with natural Aloe Vera extracts, its innovative soothing formula cools and nourishes overheated skin at the same time.

Aloe Vera is infused with vitamins and minerals that make it capable of surviving in harsh, hot and dry conditions of the desert. It is also known for its calming and soothing properties. The skin is left feeling hydrated, smooth and immensely soothed for hours.

Get this and more under our Suncare section as you get prepared for the dawning hot summer!

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Soothing Lotion 400ml

Balade En Provence – Pear hand Cream- 30ml

Moisturising is of untold importance. You not only need to guzzle down litres of water, but you also need to provide your skin with the treatment it needs. With this carrying-size hand-cream, you can hydrate your skin on the go. The summer tends to make the moisture disappear from our skin, leaving behind a dry, scratchy, and wrinkled texture. This hand-cream, shaped in a pear, blesses your skin with the benefits of regular hydration. It is one of the sun-care essentials that you definitely need! Other Skin Care products you need are face washes, night creams, toner, serums, et cetera.

Balade En Provence – Pear hand Cream- 30ml

Heyland and Whittle Handmade and Natural portrait of a Lady Soap book

A calming and soothing bath all you need to calm your frazzled nerves during summers. And to help you with that, we’re bringing this unique set of soap bars for you. Also ideal as a gift set, this box contains three soaps from Heyland and Whittle, smelling of all things summery! Boasting of the fragrance of lavender, rose, and queen of Nile, this set is one sun-care essential you need to stick up on for sure!

You can find a vast selection of similar soap sets, bath gels, toner, and more in our selection of all things Bath and Body!

Heyland and Whittle Handmade and Natural ortrait of a Lady Soap book

Seksy Embrace EDP 100ml 

Expel the stink of the summer sweat! You definitely don’t want to be smelling bad of stale sweat and a hot mess, during this summer. Predicting hot flashes that leave you drenched, some effective fragrances seems like the need of the hour. And that’s why we’re bringing you this gorgeous fragrance that will leave you smelling like a breezy dream for a long time. Available in a small and stunning bottle, it also comes with a Swarovski charm!

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Seksy Embrace EDP 100ml with Swarovski gem and charm

Blue Colour Handblock Printed White Colour Scarf

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Do not even think about stepping out in the unforgiving sun without protection. And to help you with, we’re presenting this gorgeous scarf. Perfect for the summery fling, this scarf is light, convenient, and gorgeous! Decorated with stunning block prints that elevate its minimal look, the base colour white makes it the ideal accessory for a day out in the sun!

We host a collection of several more scarves as well as kimonos. Be sure to check them out!

Blue Colour Handblock Printed White Colour Scarf


Summer is equally as harmful as it is enjoyable. You need to pay special attention to the smallest of details. So, drink lots and lots of water, hydrate your skin, and do not go out without wearing a sunblock. We hope this list of sun-care essentials has helped you!

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