Sun, sea, sand and your jewellery: What you need to know

With yesterday (Wednesday July 1st) being the hottest day of the year so far, you're probably more than ready for some summer fun.

One of the biggest attractions both in the UK and abroad over the summer period is the beach, with thousands of Brits heading to the seaside to catch some sun and cool off in the sea.

While this is a great way to spend your free time, the beach can play havoc with your jewellery if you aren't careful.

To help keep your bling looking its best this summer, follow our tips for sun, sea, sand and jewellery:

Sun cream and jewellery don't mix

It is important to protect your skin while on the beach, which means regularly applying sun cream. 

However, sun cream isn't as great for your jewellery as your skin as it contains a lot of oils that can transfer onto metal and gemstones. This causes build-up that can dull and discolour your jewellery, which can be permanent.

If you do end up getting sun cream on your jewellery, a good clean with warm water, washing up liquid and a soft cloth will help to remove it quickly before it can do any damage.

Stay in the shade

If you take your jewellery off while at the beach and store it in your bag, be sure to keep it in the shade. 

Prolonged exposure to heat from the sun can cause metal to warp, which can result in loose settings. It can also cause fabric jewellery components – such as straps – to become brittle, so they are more likely to break. 

Jewellery and salt don't mix

Just as you shouldn't wear your jewellery in the shower or bath, you should avoid wearing it when you're in the sea. 

Not only can the salt build up on your jewellery, changing its colour and stop it shining, particles in the water can actually scratch metal and gemstones.

Water can also increase the likelihood of gem settings loosening so you could get out of the sea only to find that your jewellery is missing an important part.

Don't let it rattle around

If you take your jewellery off to pop in your handbag while at the beach, it is best to put it in a small pocket or even a small box where it can't rattle around or rub against other items you might be carrying around.

This helps to prevent scratches and other damage when you move your bag around, as well as ensures you know exactly where your jewellery is so you don't lose it.

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