A Blast from the Past

It rings true when they say all trends eventually come back around. As the seasons change and AW15 looms over us we are taking it back in time and embracing the true meaning of the word #throwback with covetable fashion trends. You may not want to relive the ‘good ole days’ but a revival of the

What’s in HIS bag?

We’ve seen what’s in our beauty buyer’s bag, but now it’s time to see what’s in his bag and by his, I really mean your favourite TJC male model… Craig. You’ve all seen him on TV, but now it’s time to delve a little bit deeper and nose around his bag. Continue reading to learn

Goodbye Co – ords, hello skirt suits

Turns out the fash’ pack are no longer content with simplistic co-ords, and want to make more of a statement in a new and improved trend, the girly skirt suit! Having survived many revivals along the years, the skirt suit is back with a vengeance, turning what used to be masculine style with a feminine