A cracking Christmas – coming soon

Christmas is around the corner and here at TJC we’re almost ready to kick things off with a bit of a bang. Watch this space and soon you will be able to choose from a range of TJC crackers and make Christmas sparkle. Five different sets of crackers, six crackers in each set. There is

Elegant Emeralds…

The world’s passion for emeralds began with Cleopatra during her reign as Queen of Egypt between 69 BC and 30 BC when they were first mined. It is documented that she was often adorned in emeralds. The emerald became her most treasured jewel. Emeralds have a long and influential history and since the time of

Tips On How To Find the Perfect Necklace!

When choosing a necklace don’t just go for the first one you see because you like the way it looks. Be a little more selective, picking out the right length and design for the shape of your face. Its just like picking out the right outfit to suit your body shape. The whole idea is

Crazy Christmas Advent Calender – Play Away & Save Today

Click on our Crazy Christmas Calender each and every day to find out about the most amazing special offers on…well…offer. Whoops, that doesn’t sound right…but who cares…it’s Christmas and TJC are going inSanta Sane. That’s North Polian for the craziest deals on offer. Don’t miss out – click on the Calender now.