A Hello From Stacey

Here at TJC, we like to think of ourselves as a forever growing family. And there’s nothing like catching up with different family members, so, we decided to catch up with the lovely Stacey to see how she has been getting on with her last few weeks of pregnancy and what she has been getting

An Exciting Update from Stacey!

What’s new with our fabulous presenter Stacey Ellis? We managed to catch up with our lovely presenter Stacey for a much needed update! (WARNING: exciting news ahead!) Hey to all of you lovely TJC-ers, I hope you’re all well and loving TJC as much as I am. I’m so excited to finally have time to catch

Summer holidays with Stacey

Summer holidays are on the way and we know summer holidays mean hot weather, fab beach wear in exotic locations and not forgetting the jewellery. The lovely Stacey Ellis is just back from a holiday with her husband. They chose the Greek island of Rhodes for their island getaway, where they had loads of fun

Tucson Treasures…

Every February, Tucson Arizona swells and a surplus 50,000 folk are added to its ranks. Why? It’s the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase and every gem hunter the world over descends on the city in zealous pursuit for all things gemstone. The gem show (if we can call it that), has tens of thousands