It’s a Leap Year: Take the Leap

Did you know 2016 is a leap year?

Well it is! And the 29th February is the traditional date for the perfect proposal if you girls want to pop the question to your man, but if you’re still contemplating about whether to actually go through with this daunting prospect, don’t feel confined to just one day of the year, make the ultimate display of love whenever you like!

So if you’re planning to pop the question later this month or later this year, here are a few pointers, tips and tricks to help you prepare…

Should you stick to tradition?

This is totally up to you, but seeing as you’re thinking of proposing to your boyfriend, you are not following any type of traditional protocols anyway. As you are proposing during a leap year, which is seen as a special occasion in itself, do somehing different. Think of what your man likes and plan a day he’ll appreciate and remember forever. What’s most important, is that you are comfortable doing what you have planned!

Would your other half mind?

This is a very big question, and should be a question you consider, before you even start planning your ideal proposal. Even though you want to declare your undying love for your partner in the most romantic way possible, it’s good to keep your other halves feelings in mind. Do you think he would prefer to propose to you? It all depends on your partners personality and if he’s a die hard traditionalist at heart… remember, you know him better than anyone else.

Should you ask his parents?

Asking for his parents blessing is a sweet idea, and shows you are taking your proposal seriously. However, if you’re not as close to them as you would like to be, announcing your engagement together will make it a whole lot easier… one less thing to worry about!

Should you get him a ring, if so what kind of ring should you get him?

You can go two ways with this one. Firstly you could propose with a classic wedding band from our extensive collection. If you’re not keen on presenting a ring, choosing rings togther after your initial proposal is a great option and also means you wont miss out on bagging your dream engagement ring either.

How to beat the nerves?

It’s harder said than done, but remember the end goal – you are proposing to the life of your life with the plans of sharing the rest of your life together. Depending on what you have in store for your proposal, a good way to beat any nerves is to get it done as early in the day as possible, this will ensure it doesnt play on your mind througout the day. Getting your proposal out the way, will also allow you to celebrate the rest of the day together, without any secrets or… heart palpatations!

What if he says no?

Life is for living. It’s a gamble, but you have to ask those 4 special words – will you marry me? to get the answer you are dreaming of, so just go for it.


Lastly, don’t think about what people might think or say, you’re a modern day woman so be confident with your decision and have while doing it!
Good Luck x

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