Take the seaside home: Shell jewellery for SS15

When it comes to things that make you think of summer, the chances are that the seaside is high on the list. Whether family holidays of years gone by mean summer to you or the season is all about jetting off to soak up the sun, the beach is definitely a must at this time of year.

You might think that the seaside's influence on fashion stops at your swimsuit; after all, what else could you wear elsewhere that reminds you of the beach? However, there is one thing you'll find on the shore that you can also wear this season.

Shell jewellery is a great look for summer no matter what your style or favourite colour, allowing you to take a bit of the beach with you wherever you are.

Here are some great ways you can wear shell jewellery this season:

70s shell style

The 70s look is all about bright colours, bold patterns and more than a little bit of exaggeration. You might not think that shell jewellery fits with this, but it really can.

You've got a couple of choices if you're a lover of this trend, the first being shaped-shell jewellery. This is where shells have been cut, shaped and sometimes dyed before being used to create striking patterns and designs.

One example of this process creating a piece that is perfect for the 1970s trend is this stunningly bright Santa Fe Look Sterling Silver Multi-Oyster Shell Set

It uses pieces of shell in different shades to create a bold geometric pattern that is perfectly 70s. The set comes with a pendant and pair of earrings, which you can wear together or separately.

Of course, you can also choose jewellery that features shells that are naturally bright. 

This pair of Royal Bali Collection Abalone Shell Hook Earrings is really gorgeous. The natural swirls of blue and green are perfect for fitting with this trend and no two pairs will be the same.

White sands and pastel fashion

If you want something soft and subtle, shell is a beautiful and affordable option for jewellery. It has a natural sheen that can make it change hue in different light without being overly obvious.

This means you can wear larger pieces without having to worry about being over-the-top. Something like this White Shell Pendant in Silver Tone with Stainless Steel Chain is a great choice and will make a subtle statement that works with pastel shades just as well as bright tones. 

Natural tribal style

Most tribal jewellery for SS15 features natural elements like feathers or turquoise, but you can also create a beachy tribal look with shell jewellery.

Teaming shells with simple and elegant tribal patterns is really effective and can be less obvious than other jewellery that has been popularised by this trend, which is ideal if you don't want to go for a typical tribal ensemble.

These Treasures of Bali Abalone Shell Earrings in Sterling Silver are ideal as the simple, natural circular shell is teamed with a repetitive pattern that works with the tribal trend. You can wear them on their own or with other simple pieces that work with this style to help highlight the look you're going for.

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