Taurus babies, unite

Can you believe that May is around the corner – we can’t? Nonetheless, it’s almost here and that means it’s time to celebrate all you May babies and Taureans.

The Taurus lady is stable, loyal and has a real steadfast determination in all she does, fashion and accessories included. Our little bulls set out to get a job done, and inevitably they do.

Astral styling: Taurus style is all about good taste, she never clashes. Not really like change, you won’t often find a Taurus chasing the latest fashion fads. She loves to look classy and elegant but comfort is important too. Our bull likes earthy hues and warm, light pastels.

Bully bling: Taurus rules the neck, so it’s all about necklaces and scarfs. Just as the Taurus lady treats her fashion styling, her accessories are of equal high quality and classic flair. Often you’ll find the bull wearing chains and chokers, going light on the earrings.

Cate Blanchett TaurusCelebrity bulls: So many lovely ladies, Uma Thurman, Renee Zellweger, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cate Blanchett all typical Taureans when it comes to jewellery chic. Often large chunky statement necklaces are the name of the game and then sticking with a small understated stud earring is key.

Cate’s jewellery style is distinctive and characteristic of the Taurus. She loves her necklaces in all shapes and sizes. She went all out at the 61st Cannes Film Festival and was spotted in deep blue long-line necklace which was beaded with cushion and round tanzanites, amethysts, rose-cut diamonds and approx 953 sapphires – now that’s serious WOW factor.

The Jewellery Channel has some really great necklaces that you can use to steal Cate’s fabulous look, whether you’re a Taurus or not. We’ve got so many to chose from, big, small, gem-encrusted, gold, silver and many more. Browse through our vast collection at The Jewellery Channel.

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