TBT: The Oscar’s Edition

Oscar fever is in full swing here at TJC. It also happens to be Throw Back Thursday, so we thought we’d make the most of our two favourite things by combining them. The result? The TBT Oscars Special.

We’ve hunted out some snaps of all of this year’s Best Actor and Best Actress nominations from way back when. As you’re about to find out, before all the glitz and glamour some of these stars are pretty unrecognisable…

So without further ado, here’s the TJC Oscar TBT special!

Actress-Felicity-Jones clean and clear

First up is the unfathomably talented Felicity Jones. Here she is way back in 2000 with her first on TV role, none other than a Clearasil ad. Turns out even Oscar nominees can’t escape the dreaded pimple…


benedoct cum


Hiiiiii handsome! Wondering who an earth we’re referring to? That there, ladies and gentlemen, is  a sprightly Benedict Cumberbatch. All together now: swooooooooon.

bradley cooper


6 words spring to mind upon first glance…easy on the hair grease, Brad. Yes, if you weren’t already aware this is the dazzling Bradley Cooper in his year book photo, looking dashing as ever.

eddie redmayne

This one has to be our personal fav. Behold, a very baby-faced Eddie Redmayne. If you’re reading this Eddie – you’re our favourite to win and we <3 you!



Look up the definition of elegance in the dictionary and this is likely the accompanying image. Marion Cotillard, so chic she’ll make your heart ache, even in the 90’s.

micheal keaten


This one you might not get straight away. Want a clue? This gentleman oozes talent and his real name is actually  Michael John Douglas…

If you guessed Michael Keaton you guessed right. Up for his role in Birdman this photo ensues ‘Awwww’s’, right?



Digging the ensemble, Reese. (This one’s easy. Of course it’s the one and only Reese Witherspoon.)


Publicity shot for National Youth Theatre's Romeo and Juliet in 1997 feat Rosamund Pike and Paul Ready.jpg


We’re still reeling from this actor’s uber creepy performance in Gone Girl. All hail Rosamund Pike.

steve carell


Far from his usual hilarious roles, Steve Carrell delivers THE most impressive performance ever in Foxcatcher. We’re rooting for you, Steve!

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