The Tennis Bracelet

Wimbledon officially begins today, which can only mean one thing – Fit bods all over our TV screens for two whole weeks!

There’s always style lessons to be learnt from social and national annual events such as Wimbledon. So, with that being said, who knows what style accessory originated from Wimbledon?

Tennis bracelets got their name from an incident involving a popular tennis player, Chris Evert during a US Open Tennis match in 1987.

Chris was wearing an expensive bracelet featuring an inline string of individually-set diamonds while playing an intensive match, but the clasp of the bracelet snapped, and she lost the bracelet. Evert then asked the officials to stop the match until the jewellery was found (which is was).

It’s not often a piece of jewellery is named after an accident, however, since that day an inline set of diamonds have been reinvented as Tennis Bracelets now designed with more secure clasps!

Before the reinvention of the tennis bracelet, they were widely known as Eternity or In Line Bracelet and featuring a symmetrical pattern of diamonds, and have stayed very popular because of their luster and sparkle.

This incident sparked a huge jewellery trend, which saw various other celebrity tennis players including Serena Williams, sporting the bracelet.

Pay homage to the sassy Chris Evert with the help of TJC  and have people waiting until you find your perfect Tennis Bracelet, we have loads to choose from…

They do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and it’s really no surprise with these beautiful diamond bracelets. Browse our collection and find bracelets that will suit any kind of personality and style. However, if you like sparkly and flamboyant but, diamonds are over your budget, choose one made with Swarovski elements like this simplistic Platinum Plated Swarovski White Crystal Tennis Bracelet and still get the wow factor and the dazzle of diamonds at a lower price.

Although Tennis Bracelets are traditionally made with a single line of diamonds, stand out from the crowd with one incorporating colourful gems alongside diamonds, perfect for the tropical season. Something like this 9K gold Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet is perfect to add a pop of sophisticated colour, along with a quirkier design, but if you prefer a more simplistic design and less bling this Platinum plated Swarovski Topaz bracelet is for you!

Thick Bracelets
Break the mould! If you love big and bold design choose to stay away from the traditional Tennis Bracelets with a thicker band. This is great for those who are more conscious about losing or misplacing their bracelets. Something like this J Francis bracelet is great as it gives you great coverage. Again if you love more colour this stunning Zambian Emerald Diamond Bracelet won’t go unnoticed.

Have fun browsing our top picks! What type of bracelet will you be watching the Tennis wearing?

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