The best jewellery for music festivals

It’s the summer season, which means there’s no better time to head off to a music festival. With events taking place all around the world, you’re sure to be in the midst of preparing your festival outfit – whether you’re going to a festival here in the UK or abroad.

As exciting as music festivals are, there’s no denying that planning your outfit is the most exciting part of the process.

Festival fashion is a trend that comes around each summer, but with a new twist every time. This season it’s all about boho chic, with tassels, fedora hats and crochet designs taking over the fields and campsites.

While it’s important to decide which clothes you’re going to wear, your outfit won’t be complete without a spot of jewellery to finish your look. Although accessories such as temporary metallic tattoos have sprung in popularity this season, you can’t beat a traditional necklace or bracelet. After all; a classic never fades.

So if you’re wondering what the biggest festival jewellery trends are right now, look no further:


Jewellery that adheres to a tribal theme is big on the festival scene this season – and for all the right reasons. Tribal-inspired jewellery presents a Red Indian-esque vibe, channelling the likes of our favourite Disney heroine Pocahontas.

Typically following ‘the bigger, the better’ mantra, tribal jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes, with oversized geometric pendants in triangular and square designs proving highly popular.

When it comes to colour, tribal jewellery often comes in neutral shades, such as brown, beige and burnt orange, to reflect those worn in native African and Indian tribes.

Make your tribal piece of jewellery the focal point of your festival ensemble by teaming it with subtle colours like cream and tan.


Feathers and festivals go hand-in-hand this season, with many festival-goers using them to accessorise their outfits or hair.

Tying in with the bohemian trend, feathers bring an airy, graceful feel to any ensemble, channelling the free-spirit vibe that many festival-goers carry with them.

Feathers became popularised by Native American Indians and were viewed as a symbol of trust, honour, strength, wisdom and freedom. Traditionally, feathers were presented to members of Native American Indian tribes after they carried out a brave deed. The tribe member would then wear the feather or hang it on display inside their home. It was viewed as disrespectful to hide the feather away.

Brave the feather trend at your next festival with our Set of Two Peacock Wings Earrings. The beautiful green and turquoise shades of the peacock wing print will certainly catch the eye, as well as make you a trendsetter.


While oversized chains were big on the festival scene last year, this time around it’s all about beads. Bracelets and necklaces adorned with beautiful beads of different sizes and shapes add variety to conventional pieces of jewellery, setting you apart from the festival crowd.

You may wish to keep things understated by wearing one beaded piece, but for the more adventurous, wearing multiple beaded pieces might just be your bag.

You’re bound to love our Tanzanite Beaded Friendship Bracelet. Adorned with glittering Tanzanite beads and a gold plated Hamsa hand charm, this piece of arm candy is sure to make you the envy of all your friends. But the beauty of a friendship bracelet is that you can each own one – so invite your nearest and dearest to rock out in this stunning piece of jewellery too.

Bold and bright

Festivals are all about making a statement, and what better than in some bold and bright jewellery?

You could even go all out by wearing a super bright outfit that features a plethora of colours to tie in with the hippie trend. What’s more, 70s-style flares are on point for this season and will certainly add a retro vibe to your ensemble.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our entire range of jewellery here to find something for your festival.

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