The best ways to show off bling

You’ve just bought yourself a piece of stunning jewellery, so naturally you want to show it off, right? Now that it’s autumn, though, the colder weather is upon us, meaning it’s time to layer up and pull out the cosy knitwear.

But layering up can mean that any pieces of jewellery you’re wearing will become hidden. Don’t worry though, because there are still a number of ways you can dress for the season and show off your bling at the same time.

Here’s how:

Wear a statement necklace with a blouse

Blouses are a great way to beat the chill this autumn, with their structure and collaring making for a chic and stylish affair. What’s more, they can easily be accessorised with a sparkling statement necklace.

When you button your blouse to the top, adding a bold necklace will help to complement the collar and really make your ensemble pop. What’s more, you could even throw a knitted jumper over the top of your blouse, which will draw attention to the collar and necklace combo even more.

Something like our Glass Beaded Collar Necklace will work a treat, with the bold coral shade offering a stylish nod to the autumn season.

Wear a cuff with three-quarter-length sleeves

Since you will probably be wearing long sleeves for the most part of autumn, any bracelets you have on your wrists will be covered.

Rather than opting for full-length sleeves, though, switch it up a little by wearing three-quarter-length ones. This will still keep you warm – not to mention on-trend – while helping to show off any cuffs or bracelets you choose to wear on your wrists.

Our Rose Gold Leaf Cuff Bangle is in-keeping with the current season and is sure to make your whole outfit look totally on-point.

Wear earrings with an up-do

A beautiful pair of earrings can often go unnoticed, especially if you wear your hair down over your shoulders. If you’ve just bought a new pair of earrings, you will no doubt want to flaunt them. The best way to do this is to style your hair into a chic up-do.

Milkmaid braids are fun and easy to create: simply part your hair down the centre and form a plait on each side. Then wrap each plait over and across your head, securing in place with a bobby pin.

Not only will you look super stylish, your earrings will also be on perfect display. Why not show off our Iliana Tanzanite Earrings? The magnificent blue tanzanite stones will sparkle as they catch the light, making them ideal to wear for your upcoming Christmas party.

Wear rings with a long-sleeved top

On days where you don’t want to double up with your jewellery, you might choose to wear either a bracelet or ring. If you opt for the latter, team your rings with a long-sleeved top. This means that the attention will be drawn straight to your hands, making your jewellery stand out and shine.

Our Jewels of India Ethiopian Opal Ring mimics the effect of two rings that have been stacked together through its unique, twist design, while the stunning opals give off a pearly, iridescent sheen.

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