The Cosmos Collection: Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the universe, the galaxy and the beautiful nature of the earth, TJC have crafted the Cosmos Collection: inspired by nature.

Nature really is a never ending library of wonderful designs and ideas, and this collection of jewellery encourages us to appreciate the beauty of this earth and to spend time celebrating each moment that we’re out in nature, even when we’re not physically in nature.

Constantly offering us simple pleasures to love, we here at TJC love the way nature allows us to open up to the beauty around, while bringing happiness and peace into our lives.

With this idea in mind, we specially picked three motifs which are synonymous with nature; birds, butterflies and trees – they all hold special meaning and symbolism throughout the world and are used throughout this relaxing collection.

So why did we choose these three motifs?

Birds are symbolism of freedom. They can walk the earth, swim and soar the skies. Different cultures even associate birds with eternal life and are a direct link between heaven and earth. Some communities even go as far to say that they are messengers to the gods.

The Cosmos Collection: Inspired By Nature
The Cosmos Collection: Inspired By Nature

Trees symbolise beauty, strength, wisdom and eternal life. A tree has been here before many of us and will remain after us which it is also a smbol of life and protection as it’s body stands firm, rooted in the earth with its crown dancing in the sky. A piece jewellery piece combining a tree motif in it’s design is a great gift to someone or for yourself if you want to wish good fortune.

Lastly, butterflies are another symbol, that have been dotted around in the Cosmos Collection. A fluttering butterfly represents life, hope, strength and transformation. Not only are butterlies beautiful and calming to watch buy many believe that butterflies are a reflection of our soul.

Have you been inspired by nature? Which motif will you be choosing from the Cosmos Collection




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