The Jewellery Channel Welcomes Talented TV Presenter James Gardner


The Jewellery Channel is proud to introduce one of our premier expert hosts, James Gardner. James has a wealth of professional experience in broadcast television production and presentation. From 2004-2009, James worked in various roles at Setanta Sports in hometown Glasgow, including as a live broadcast producer on various premier league football shows, as well as a presenter. James has more recently been a presenter and product specialist on price drop tv.

However, James also brings with him over a decade of specialist expertise in the sales and modeling of luxury goods, previously working in high-end fashion and accessories boutique Cruise. James has worked as a sales representative and consultant with various haute couture & designer brands, including Fendi, Gucci & Prada. James has been a successful editorial fashion model, including working with Lynette Peck and Cosmopolitan.

James has capacious knowledge and experience in the presentation of Jewellery, fragrance & accessories, but has an unrivalled passion in horology and fine timepieces. James will be joining our on air line up on Thursday 13th September exclusive to The Jewellery Channel, and is personally excited to be joining us:

“as someone with a passion for top-class jewellery & obsession with the art of horology, the chance to work with genuine GIA accredited jewellery professionals and official mining partners for some of the most exciting and beautiful gemstones, this was an opportunity too good to turn down and I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with the viewers who share that knowledge and passion” – James Gardner.


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